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Here at the ol Drawing Boards HQ, we make sure the team get a chance to test out as many new deck shapes as possible to keep your feet happy.... We are always open to other peeps point of view too so email us on info@thedrawingboards.com
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Jerry - nollie back5.0 revs
Quicker than a Chinese takeaway to ya mum's house. Sequence by Gorm


Ye that right kid the new wood is in !! Sizes across the board are 7.5, 7.625, 7.75, 7.9, 8 and 8.25 .. Also to let you know these boards have got more pop than a thousand prepubescent girls ... So get ya grubby mitts on em if ya know whats good !!

Faifield mini gone !!!

WE are not 100% sure who made this concrete masterpiece but some serous thought and time went into this.... and one thing is for sure Rooney actually killed it .... Check his photos he is a friggin G !!
What a shame the Council didn't realise that it was a positive rather than a negative ...We are in discussions with the powers that be to try and get Fairfields sorted for the future show your support and log into http://www.petitionthem.co.uk/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3846 and show your support for Fairfield as a whole ....
Peace Drawin Bizzle


Matt Hill starring in Have it Harry!

Click on the video below for your viewing pleasure. For a decent copy email info@thedrawingboards.com (honestly, it's a lot better on a bigger screen...!)


Taking the cherry

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