Wet Sussex Premier

Our mate and editing/filming mystro Liam Teage is premiering his new move "WET SUSSEX" at the Sallis Benny Theatre in Brighton on Friday, 7th of August. Doors open at 7:30pm
.... All the information you need is right HERE !!!!!
Bit of cheeky Jerry n Potts action in there too alongside some of Sussexs finest... Get down and support this independent project .. Tickets just £3 !! If you haven't got facebook your a G and you can find out more by Phone: 07796626308 or Email: irncru@hotmail.co.uk ..


Darth invader ..

Been working on a lil edit we filmed the other day at Crawley .... but I'm having a few technical difficulties haha ...... In the mean time heres one of the Drawing Boards riders whos doing good things at the moment ... Got a feeling somethings brewing .....




Mikky "BIG TIME" Worthless

Heres the original pic I did for Worthless a while back .... He's been keeping busy lately with a new blog and a new album "BIG TIME" out ... Yes Croydon !!


"Nothing but the Shier" hype

You know we love our Independent vids as we are well aware of the blood sweat and tears that go into making them .... We are hyped to bring you this interview with the maker of "Nothing but the Shier" James Nedham ..

So Ned .. Tell us abit about "Nothing but the Shire" like whos on it ... How long ya be filming and where ... And how did the project came about ?
Jason Cloete, Tom Watts, Matt (Potter) Hill, Paddy Jones, Phil Sproul, Luke Mcinernie Gav Tucker, James Loraine-Smith, Oxford veterans (haha) plus SS20 team riders Scott Whittaker, James Kilpatrick and Dave Watson, numerous Sheff heads, Dan Beall, Jerome Campbell, Alex Burrell, Richard Chung, Alan Chadwick, too many names to mention.
Mainly people who have had an impact on me through skating - hopefully sections will pull themselves out of that lot!
Basically the project came about as kind of a general idea that we should all get on it and sort something out! I've been filming half-seriously up until the end of last summer when I spoke to everyone at SS20, Tim Mogridge (Moose) and Jon Trenchard (Forward Motion) and we decided that we were going to get on it and sort something out. So I guess it started last September really, at first being largely Oxford based, but now I'm hoping to incorporate a large proportion of the Sheffield skate scene as well as its kind of a home from home type thing when I'm up there for Uni etc, and everyone up there is constantly smashing it!
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Is this an SS20 related thing ?
Very much so, I've worked in SS20 for nearly 3 years now part-time, its something thats needed to be done on a 'proper' scale in Oxford for a while, bring the scene together through filming etc, plus using old Mouly and Penny footage once thats sorted with Sunil, cheers mate for all the advice!
Obviously Oxford has turned out some sick skaters over the years (Penny springs to mind) .. Whats the Oxford scene these days ?
Solid as ever! Everyone is smashing it, The Gimp, Jason Cloete and Tom Watts spring to mind you know. Everyones always in good spirits and myself and the Beard are always trying to organise stuff to bring everyone together and have a laugh. Jack and Amanda (Jack's Mum, who is down at the Meadow Lane spine ramp EVERYDAY cleaning up after people and making sure the ramp is kept ship shape) play a huge part in the scene as well. Actually writing this has stoked me out on what we actually have here, its pretty sweet.
So how did Potts become a part of this Oxford scene ?
An old mate of ours moved from Abingdon (my little town) to Crawley, then brought Potts up, and he's just kept coming back! We don't even see the original mate anymore. Potter's so welcome here, I got him sorted with SS20 and its all gone from there really, always trying to film when he came up originally and thats hopefully going to transfer into a full part in Nothing But The Shire.
He told me your mum see's him as a second son ... Is this just hype ?
Nah serious, he really is. He's like an older brother to me now! If I'm feeling shitty I can always phone Potter up for a chat and vice-versa. My Mum fucking loves him! Especially when he bought her a Christmas present and I'd forgotten to get her one!
Whens this bad boy gonna drop ?
Hopefully Christmas-ish, depends on everyone getting on it over summer really. Tom Watts and Jason Cloete are the stand-outs again, always making the effort to come out and film. Much love to everyone whos down for getting footage its always such good sessions when everyones out, stokes me right out!
Anything else we should know ?
Hmmm, keep checking the blogs, www.nothingbuttheshire.blogspot.com and www.devonshagreenz.blogspot.com I'm always trying to keep people interested with shit on there, oh and check the new Sidewalk Jason has a first light, bangers a foot. (Potter portrait by Lanyard)


Go skateboarding day ..

Today we celebrated Go skateboarding day by skateboarding .... The most noticeable thing that happened was Elliot beating the whole of fairfield at SKATE ... haha ..
Bakers back on the set too ... Photo SmayWhilst Big Potts went down to Oxford and bagged himself a few best trick prizes ... Unrelated tailblunt photo by Si


Croydon skate scene issues ......

... We met with another member of the council today ... Things are moving slowly but he did say the meeting was enlightening and would do all in his power to get something sorted ... I know to people looking in it seems as though nothing is getting done ... which is frustrating for you as well as us but Peter and myself are keeping the pressure on ....
There's going to be a skatepark in South Norwood recreation ground .. Good news .. They have listened to our request for concrete and not metal ... Hallelujah ... Also we can have input into it although the budget is small ... So instead of moaning about the state of the world make yourselves heard ... If you would like to be involved in the South Norwood recreation ground skatepark ... Give us a shout on thedrawingboards@gmail.com ...
Also .... A save Fairfield video (which we meant to do ages back) will be commencing next week so if you want to be involved with your thoughts(all ages welcome) .. Get in contact on savefairfields@yahoo.com ... Also anyone wanting to contribute footage or feel they would like to be interviewed for the video holla for sure ... old stuff is good too because we'd like to show it's history ....
Photo by Jerry


Smay Exhibit

Smays exhibiting his Drawing Boards Photos from 6.00-8.30, Wed 17 June in the Lower Street Gallery, London College of communication in Elephant and Castle .. Did someone say free drinks ? ... Here's a few jokes ones he took when we where on tour last year ... Well done Smayjoy ..


Comp doggin' it ..

Drawing Boards is sponsoring a comp this Saturday hosted by elevate at the Rose Hill skatepark in Sutton ... Go and win yourself a Drawing Board deck , some wheels or other gooditess .... Heres some kid in a hat doing a late shuv at last years event ...
In other news ... Yes Marley


Slammers n Hammers

Bit of random footage from the 6:57 ... Featuring Jak ..Gotta 'av a laff mate ..