Look whos back ..

Paint ...

This is a painting based on a drawing I did many moons ago ...
Click it for a better look yute ..


Cirkus wheels

Just in ..
53's for you ledge monks .. ...and 55's for you old mosh doggers ..
Enough to make your tip wet !! .. Get some !!


Wheels on the way ..

53s and 55s .. get on em ...


Pomps ..

Went Pompey to stay with Jak Tonge and film for the vid ...Footage check ..Here's old twinkle toes Tonge himself ..
Cheers to Jen for letting us invade the living room .. Cheers to Needy for filming, Smay for snaps and as usual the boyards .. I know we only blog park and throwaway street but when the vid comes out it will all make sense .... Peace AD ..


Bit of Tonge ..

Opps forgot to post this ....All foots filmed in Portsmouth by AD and Noddy ..



After spending ages painting these as 3 individual deck graphics we finally decided against it , due to the fact we didn't feel they were up to standard ... But thought they'd work as stickers .. Artwork by AD .. New wheels on the way soon too ... Wooohaa !!



Si got invited to the Houses of Parliament for his involvement on the Mansfield skate park project .. Drawing Boards steady doing it !!


Another skateboard shop

"Another skateboard shop" Brightons finest skate shop is stocked with fresh wood .. Stevie's shop is definitely good for the scene .. I even saw him hook a kid up second hand wheels even though he had a Route One deck haha .. all jokes aside ... Click HERE to find it ..
Photo Thomas Gonsard


Webstuff ..

New paintings from AD HERE ..

New artfag photos from SI HERE ..


10 stooopid tricks with Jerry Wilson

Jerry did 10 of his finest illegal manoeuvres in the car park while we were waiting for Goad .. Thanks to Helen for the use of her hat xGotta have a laff !!


Oz update

Brisbane now has Australia's Biggest Indoor skatepark on the Northside. 'Ramp Attack' .. Drawing Boards are working closely with Ramp Attak on this project and making sure its enjoyable by all.The park has street beginner and intermediate sections, vert ramp, bowl section as well as foam pits and rainbow rails. Peep Ivan testing the wood with a kickflip fakie ..
And Jack gettin some air ... both photos Max Guyon More Oz updates soon ..