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If you get a chance take the london town foozball stadium tour ..
After some genral lateness and gathering of food stuffs young Jayrude managed to get this snappy ollie combo at Wembely . Just before the nicest security guard in the world kicked us out ..."Hey guys , this is Wembely .. You can dance here , sing .. even drink n smoke if you want too ... just don't skate ..ok xx "

Unfortunatly both spots where a bust , but we did get a chance to skate .... Thanks to Smay for gettin the trigger finger on lock .... wurd

Oz Comp

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Ben Roberts Memorial Day

Today was all about our friend Ben Roberts .
It was clear to see how deeply Ben had touched the lives of those around and close to him . The skaters from fairfeild and others who were close to Ben met with his sister Jo today who had come over from Australia . Jo many thank yous for the day .. Your brother will always be a legend to all us skaters. Warm memories of a truly good man were spoken along with a memorial drink and Skate .. Ben you will never be forgotten x Rest in Peace mate



Sylva smacks it hard on the Caught in the Crossfire website with trick of the week ...
and a lil check out ..



Big Thanks to Will at EMPIRE skate shop . They are now stocking Drawing Boards for the yoof of Corby . Cheers !!www.adrenalinealley.co.uk



Drawing Boards welcomes our new flow rider Anthony De Sylva otherwise known as Sylva .... Hailing from Newcastle Australia .. Sylva's feet are techer than your average computer nerds pocket organiser !! Sylva also makes vids , but we will tell you about that soon ... He's in the Aus finals for wild in the parks.. So good luck with that g ... Basically we asked him to send us a couple of tricks or a photo for the blog page and he sent us this ....... Stoked to have him reppin' ... Watch this space ..........