20 mins son !!

We gave Isaac 20 mins to film whatever he was feeling at the level ... Was pretty chilled affair ... We like this idea cause it gives you an idea of what a skater when their just cruising, rather than spending ages on one trick they can just chill and do their thing ... Watch out for more of these edits with the Drawing Boyards !!


Xmas Jam on the Dec 10th ..

Bloody Nora it's the Crossfire Jam in a few weeks .... So grab your deck and head down to Bay 66 for some of the action ... Drawing Boards will be throwing out some product as well as Jak and Zak repping ...Here's Mr Tonge getting floaty last year for SkateboardingPhotos Harvey Mills ..


Bear Stuff project

Been up to my eyeballs in Bears lately ... Did this little project at skaterham last week and thought I may as well share it on here ...Here's a couple to break you in gently ..Left hand side front ..right hand side front ..not sure what to say .... um bears !!?The eyes are windows ....
Bear Stuff has its annual SALE on the 3rd of December so get down to Skaterham for bear deals on that one day only ....
Photos by my phone and Jerry's slightly better cameras .. Right, that's quite enough of all that ..


Oneoneoneoneoneone !!

Gotta post summit really .. If for no better reason than the date itself !! Hope your all ready for a new consciousness !!

Here's Jak doing stalls on a wall at his old school . A perfect way to relax after throwing himself down stairs ..


Reppin' in Notts !!

Drawing Boards are now available in Nottingham. Get down to Forty Two and get Scotty to hook you up with a fresh Drawing Board !! Skater owned and run .. Hells Yeah !!
Speaking of Notts here's a classic of Elliots nollie inward heels from our last visit ...Photo Smay ..


Mini Noddy !!

Finley Zion Mcfarlane was born today at 1.07 pm .. Congrats to Jade and Noddy !!



Issue 8 is up now ..
Couple of good ones of the Drawing Board boys ..Jak Tonge F-S Tailgrab Photo Harvey Mills ..
Isaac takes back page props with a bigspin heel .. Photo by Ranny


Pinch punch what's for lunch ?

Bit of throwaway Tonge for the 1st of the month ... This was filmed ages back in Czech .. There's no real place for it apart from the internet . Filmed by Neddy .

Speaking of Neddy .. This is his latest video ..

Filming based in and around Oxford, Basingstoke, Southampton, Sheffield, Cardiff, and London from late 2009 till October 2011.
Featuring parts from: Tom Watts, Alex Fuller, Olly Maton / Michael Halls, Phil Sproul, Jono Wyborn / Luke McInnerny, James Needham, Alex Brewster / Kieran Mounsey, Joe Paget and Jason Cloete, plus many more heads from around the UK.
Please note this dvd is not available in Oxfam but is on ...