Joel "Limpy" Wilshere on DB Down Under !!

The newest team member to Drawing Boards Australia is Joel Wilshere .. As described by Donny "He's a ghetto rat from gympie, his names Limpy and his shoes have got more holes than Swiss cheese . The guy is starving, and always hungry for melons! He also melts ladies hearts and is the boss of hardflips! after me the boss of course"
Meaty kickflip.
Beefy Nollie flip which made it into Australia's premier skateboard mag SLAM .
Hells yeah !!


Young Jak Tonge footage surfaces ...

In between nappy changes I managed to speak to Jak who informed me this was online so thought it only right to share it ....

This footage was filmed by Dave Stevens .. I have used his words to describe whats cracking ....

Prt 1 .. Jak has consistently killed it from the day I first saw him ollie a gap off the side of the vert to B/s 5-0. I think he was about 12 or 13, he just seems to get better and better and if you think some of this stuff was filmed 7 years ago now.

Prt 2 .. Good memories here from the formidable crew. Southsea has always been tight and people like Jak help keep it like that. Getting stoked on people getting stoked. Skateboarding will always do that.

Prtt 3 .. Jak pretty much did everything in this part in 3 days!! Some creative skating here, I don't think i ve ever seen anyone session a rickety boat jetty into gravel landing!

Nice one to Dave for uploading this .. Stay tuned here for more up to date Jak footage ... Wooop !!!


Ok .. There is a good reason you haven't heard much from drawing boards over the past months .. we have been moving office and getting ready for arrival of a certain little human ... the new arrival dropped on the 16th and is currently holding DB HQ to ransom for the next few weeks for bonding pooposes .. Don't fret though we will be back with plenty of stuff in the plan .. New zak edit, exhibition, graphics aswell as the much anticipated dvd ... Don't take it personal if you don't hear back for a few weeks its all in the name of love x



Considering Potter didn't even know what this trick was when Conner suggested it to him I thought this was fairly worthy of pinch punch on the 1st of the month ..