leftover ham

Bit of skatepork foots featuring Jak , Pooch , Nick , Potts n mates .. Expect another edit once we have worked out the vid formats on the other footage ..... Parsnips anyone ?


Get Involved .. Click Wandle Park ..

Thanks to everyone who voted for Wandle Park ... Now take the next step ... Lets push for a concrete skatepark HERE... When you comment don't swear and be rude as this won't help our cause .. Lets let them know the positivity that it can bring to the area ... We all know there is a definite need for a decent park to accommodate every ones needs ... Lets keep the pressure on ... There is potential with your support to make an amazing Facility ...The totally unrelated pic is of Darth ... Check out the facility Si was involved in at Mansfield ..

It's now finished and ready to skate ..


Skate Pork edit on the way ...

With Potts , Jerry , Nick , Pooch , Jak and mates .. Just a matter of sorting out weird formats .. In the mean time here's summit I found lurking on facial book ..Thanks to Martin king of Czech ..


Move from me blud ..

South Norwood spotcheck right HERE on Caughtinthecrossfire .... Heres a couple more pics from Josh West .. Ad front 180 truck bashing away from danger ..Jerry backside tweaker ..Also here be a lil vid featuring Jerry Wilson and Elliot Rowe along with some of your favourite South Norwood locals ..Represent your local scene ... Thanks to Crossfire for letting peeps know ......


On the job ..

Painted the cafe at Skaterham ....If you go there make sure get yourself a milkshake .. There dambed delicious ... Also this kid skates there alot ... What ever you wanna call him Nick "Vert Chav" , "Lab Rat" , "Rabies" Raines .. he smashes it out !! Thanks to Austino of the Vert for the photoyo ..
While I'm on the ol Skaterham thing .. Never posted this before ... Jak Tonge and Adam Keys dealing with it some time back ....


Planet Jerry

Sorry for the lack of posts .. Been on the busy tip ...
Wanted to show you some of these Wee planets that Jerry's been making ... He's done loads .. Here's some of my faves ...Stalin mate .. best spot ever
Gay Paris
The gurning Camel
Fairfield friends for life

In other goings on .. We been filming a few likkle edits so keep em peeled ... Things are in the plan so be sure to check back ya hear ...