Potters Hip Fetus

More photos from last weekend courtesy of Smay..
Nope it's not his bum cheek .. As promised here is Potters hip fetus ..Potter also managed to make a large Croydon handrail look small ..In other news ... T'shirts have arrived .. Will post photos up when I find my camera .. schwedish !!


Elliotosun ..

Despite the black eyes ...
Elliot came good this weekend ...

Mannie treflip ..
Cheers to Salad and Mayo for putting us up x
All photos courtesy of our mate Smay , hip fetus on the way ..


James Head photos from Isaacs comp run

Front shuv ... oooooffffff !!Meaty kickflip over the rail !!! Bloomin' eck !!!
Photos courtesy of James Head ... Cheers !!


Isaac 8th at UK champs

Yes Isaac ... Big ups man ....Melon grab over the hip photo by Jason Lunn


Tribe Called Quiche

Jerrys photos from The Leaky Quiche Tour .. Ranny was the official photographer so your gonna have to wait for the hammers ..Ranny Rainbow ..Bearded Fat man 5050 ..Jak warm up lip on the last day ..Teaguey front boards upwards with quiche on the mind ..Rain didn't stop play ..Haha this photo is way to good for a caption ... Isaac Miller . Brighton !! Elliot n Jak eye up the clock work orage banks ... Nice one to old Jerry for the photos ... Watch out for Rannys gems to drop a later date ...


UK Skateboard Championships ..

Isaac is gonna be repping Drawing Boards this weekend at Corby ..
Check the footage from 2008 that Ed HUbert just put up .....Isaac has been racking up footage and looks set to have a sick part in the Drawing Boards DVD ... Good luck man, Have it up yoot !!


Whats cracking ?

Well by the looks of things poor old Jerrys ankle .. That things been mash up for a while ... apparently the little blighter chipped his bone a year ago so he kept mashing it whenever he skated .. Look after your limbs kids .. Let em heal ... Hey get better soon man rest up !!!Another line of Isaac from Ed Huberts archive ..... And Bernacki takes good photos ... Heres some ..
Potter ollies out to fiddy ..Potter ollie..More of Beansnacks photos HERE ..


Young Isaac Miller

Stumbled accross this line of Isaac skating at age 12 ....
This kid has been killing it for years !!!Filmed by Ed Hubert back in the day ..


Congrats ..

Joe is getting married tomorow ... (Unless he gets to drunk tonight) .. Check the T'shirt I made for the overgrown schoolboys stag do ..


In the lab out of the rain ...

Check out Smays photos of the lab right HERE kids ...
Elliot gets tech on a rainy Saturday whilst trying to avoid putting his hands on the floor for fear of contamination .. Photo by a lurking Jerry
So sick seeing people making stuff man .. Big up all those involved ..



A light hearted tribute to Johnson .. Drawing Boards Oz filmer ... Check Ivans first kickflip ....


More Paint ..

Did some painting at Skaterham last night and tonight .. I'd been wanting to do it properly for ages to be honest ...Sorry its abit blurry ..Revamped this fella ....Was most happy with this guy ..Throwing props to bear stuff ...Paintings have been mounting up over the last few years since the last exhibitions .. Gonna try and sort some an exhibit for early next year .. and all that jazz !! Thanks to old Stroudamous for helping fill .. Peace AD ..