Out now just in time for the clocks to go forward .... Tell ya local skate shop to get em in if they know what's good !!! More info HERE !!!


Straight outta Clot !!

Well Barca kicked off hard ... Skated mad spots and got up to plenty of mischief ... Loads of photos and footage to sift through ... but holding them back to work out whats going where ... Proper write up on the way ..... Hype machine !!!



Off to Barcalona with the full team ..
Matt "Potter" Hill (one T'shirt is all he needs)
Isaac Miller (Yep that is a new hoodie, theres only a few)
Jak Tonge(Watch out for some serious scum tash on his return Jen)
Jerry Wilson (Jerry has been out the game for ages due to injury so stoked to have him along to warm his ankle back up in the sun.)
Elliot Rowe (Think he may well have a seizure when he gets to Parallel)

Stupidly hyped over this one .. It's gonna go off son !!!!!!!


A sliver of liver ?

The webslice has been updated ...
Click HERE for new skatephotos ..HERE for new public artwork ...
Click HERE for new painted decks ...Click HERE for new videos .. Speaking of "new" stuff ... Decks are on the way ...... Wooop !!




More Isaac "the straight up killer" Miller ....

This was meant to be a ten tricks on the flat bank but Isaac didn't stop landing stuff so it kinda turned into this .....First decent day of weather in a while and Isaac came up with the goods as usual ... So much of this was first go it was pretty much a joke ... Cheers to Cloud 9 for the music ... Peace on earth ..