Ten Tonge Tricks

Jak warms up with 10 tricks at his old school .. Tuck your shirt in boy !!


Pompey Tucknee Tour

Pompey went off with Tonge and Jerry smashing out the goods ... Got some footage for the video as well as getting some stuff for a few mini edits , which should go up over the next few weeks ... Bring on the next mini tour !!! Here's Jak planting a bean at his old school Henry Court ..Thanks to the Noddy family for putting us up and cheers to Ranny and Smay for getting some sick photos .. The boys done good ..


Ben Roberts ..

RIP Ben your warm caring spirit will never be forgotten x


Off to see Tuck knee Tonge ..

Here he is doing a 180 switch nosegrind revert .. for lack of a better explanation Dudeface !!!!!


Elliot update ..

Drawing Boards urethane international envoy and all round nutcase Elliot Rowe is currently traveling the world ... I asked him for his fave photos from each country so far ... Here's what he sent ...In Russia it was minus 16 when that guy went swimming. South China balcony photo .. jealous much ?Vietnam pic .. keep oinking !!A Malaysian monkey (there seems to be an animal theme appearing)This is a dog in HK . It's Elliots favourite pic ..
Elliots now skating in Malaysia so hopefully he'll send us some pics of that soon .. Safe travels man .. keep us updated ...


Everyone loves a tweaked ollie ..

Ivan Vargas serves one up in the sun .. Photo Max Guyon..


RIP Guru

So many hours spent listening to his music ... One of the Hip Hop greats for sure .. RIP Guru ..


Ranny sent me this ...

Jak Tonge back smith to fakie on curvaceous coping ..


Fresh Flowers

Yep here the first interweb glimpse of em ... Other colors too including baby blue , Tangerine , light green and pastel yellow will post em up when we get the photos ... Fresh for summer .. Get one (or two)..


Skateparks stocked

Cheers to Crawley , Corby and Skaterham who all have fresh Drawing Boards produce in this week ... Stocked Corby yesterday and seshed there new "Skate only" section , gotta say Trev and the boys have done a good old job on it ... Skaterham and Crawley have the new T's in (there so fresh they haven't even made the blog in picture form) ... Here's 2 tricks from each park ... Why ? .. well urm ... Any excuse for a quick bit of recent relevant throwaway footage on the blogpipe ..Baker , Potts and Nick pay homage to some of the parks who suppot us ..


New T'shirts ...

Pics up soon ..


Crawley Comp

Well it was more like a jam to be honest ... Impressed by Stevie , Ranson , Keys and them ginger french brothers from Brighton who were all smashing it out among loads of others .. Jerry took some time out from his "hectic" lifestyle to do the cannonball bellow after the crowds had dispersed...Photo Smay .. Pots swiz tre fliped the hip before he snapped his truck and his mates deck ... oohhh er ..


Crawley Comp on Sunday

Yep this very sunday .. You know Big Pots is gonna be down for it .. Thanks to Lanners for the backside noseblunt pic ..


Congrats to Gorm ..

Many congrats to photographer Gorm Ashurst and his Misses Philippa who are now the proud parents of a baby girl Jennifer . Props mate .. .Above is one of my favourite Gorm photos of Jerry .. Gorm definitly contributes alot to skateboarding in U.K .. Backing the big guns aswell as giving lesser known rippers coverage .. The guy has taken loads of photos for us as well as featuring all the team on his website www.tweakerzine.com .. Peep it !!