Smash Skates

Drawing Boards are now stocked in the most eastern point of England in the form of Smash Skates ..Cheers to Ash at Smash for hooking things up .. Safe as houses mate ..
Photo Si Beansnacks ..


Spider venom ?

Saw this when I woke up this morning ... Looks like Potts did some filming with Neddy last night ... Good stuff !! Please don't ask me what he's talking about at the begining ..

Quick Crawley Clip from James Needham on Vimeo.


The Skate Shop ..

"The Skate Shop" in Dorchester is now stocked with New Drawing Boards ... "The Skate Shop" was founded in 1978 making it the oldest in the country ... Stoked !!
Thanks to Stevie and Simon for hooking it up ..Jerry just sent me this Potts kickflip photo .. A blog with a skate photo is better than one without right !!



"Bit of garnish, he's lovin' it mate "

Anyone for salad ..?
10 nollie flip tricks with Eliiot filmed by a tripod and a finger .. Introduced by One Punch Micky Worthless ... woop

Pre 10nolliefliptricks hype

Filmed with Elliot at Royal Oak today ....Will post em in the evening .. mabes .. Over to Mick ..


Nass this weekend

Our kid Jak Tonge has been invited to skate ... Kickflip schnap courtesy of Smay ..


Happy Birthdays ...

Elliots 21 today..and Beansnacks is 30 !!!
Both snaps by Smay (Elliots is a nollie backside flip)
In other news ... Sorry for the lack of new skate photos .. We have been doing loads of filming for the video but without a photographer ... All is going well ... Jak and Elliot both killed it today !!