Max/Ivan Combo

Got these photos all the way from the sandland of Oz from Max Guyon.. Featuring Drawing Boards very own Mexican superman Ivan Vargas ..Ivan nollie flips stairs for funHe's also fond of a meaty kickflip to flat ..Did anyone order a treflip in the sun ?
Max also sent some of the other boyards on the team too .. But you'll have to wait for em ....
Donny tells me all is going well in Oz and the Drawing Boards team have been getting busy doing lots of demos as well as sponsoring a newly opened skatepark .. Good shiatsu !!


New Stickers

To celebrate the coming of spring we got these fresh new vinyl stickers in .... Stick em on ya skateboard , fridge , books , local skate spot , bus stop , class room , helmet , cat , in ya pipe n smoke it or whateves ..Stickers by AD and Si .. photos Smay
In other news , thanks to peeps who have contacted us about getting decks in their area ... Anyone after a deck should get there local SOS shop to contact us .


Crawleys bowl is dry !!!

After a successful day filming street with Pots we went past Crawley Park and the bowl was dry !!!! In the second clip I was trying to film my feet when Potter decided he'd get in the way with another ollie fakie .... The metaling bar steward !!!


Sidewalk Comp

Win 6;57 HERE ... Its got this guy in it ...Jak Bigspin pic courtesy of Smay ..


6:57 and ting

Check these Ranny photos of Jak "ting" Tonge in sidewalk mag ... Theres an interview with 6;57s creator Rob Crawford in there along with the usual goodness .. Sick to see Sidewalk supporting Independent projects .. Go get a copy ..
Tonge big nollie ..Tonge big ollie ..Outrageous !!


Old Potts

Found this lurking on an elderly hard drive ... Look how tatooless Potts arms are ...


Shefs ..

Big thanks to Neddy for putting us up in Shefs ....
Jerry took some photographers evidence .."Thick as 2 planks that lot" said the officer ..Joe Paget came along too ... Watch out for this yoof .. Steady killing it ..Switch noseblunt the lot !!Potter took time out from his strategic farting regime for abit of snowskating ..