A lack of posts ...

Cause I've been away ... but hopefully all these gifs from the Crawley comp should make up for it ..... Better late than never right ..
Fakie fullcabflip warm up from the Potman ..Photobucket
Big Potts starts his comp run with an ode to Trev Wedd ..Photobucket
All day long kickflip Indy ...
Pots winds up his comp run with a kickflip noseslide ..Photobucket
Jerry celebrates the lateness of this blog with a late shuv ..
Jerry is a tre flip ..
After the crowds had dispersed Jerry finnished the day off with this nollie inward heelflip ..
Thanks to the CFA for organising the comp .. Congrats again to Matt for taking away the prize money ... And well done to Jerry for skating in front of people for a change .... Also cheers to SMAY for the sick pics ... Almost forgot to say Potts is now on flow for Fallen shoes .... Hell yes ..


Back on it ..

Got back from Cornwall today ... Grip skate Shop is now stocked with decks , wheels and T'shirts .... here's a pic of Potts doing an ollie to fakie that was in my inbox ... Also peep this one courtesy of Josh Wink ..Gonna start dropping these gifs after abit of shut eye .. Wurd .


Potts mid comp run ..

Thanks to SMAY for capturing this among the madness ... Loads more gifs on the way when I get back .. I'm away for 9 days so if you need anything email or call and I'll try n hook things up ...


Potter wins the Crawley Comp !!

Yeha congrats mate ... Tore the park a fresh new ring and took away £100 .... Get the beers in big fella ..Expect a proper blog and loads of Smay photos coming your way next week ....


Jaks First Light

Jaks in Sidewalk this month .....His feeble kickflip out is fitter than PARIS Hilton ..... Also peep this mahosive kickflip !!Well done fella much deserved ... Photos by Leo Sharp and Ransom ... Yes Jak !!!


Bromley clip

Incase ya missed it ... Elliot , Jerry and Potts (whos wearing clothes thank goodness) in Bromley .


Wet Sussex Premier

Peeped the Wet Sussex Premier in Brighton t'other night ... Props to Liam for all his hard work ... Some sick sections for sure from Ranson , Wallace , Casey-Kight , Greenfield , Stenning , Gent , Chard , Smith and Teaguey ... Even Potter managed to squeeze half a section out despite fighting his debt problems in the process ... There where loads of other heads killing it too but you know what premiers are like , hard to take it all in haha ... Give us a shout if you want a copy ... Should have some in the next few weeks ... (Swiz double flip down the south Bank 7 anyone ?)Also another scene vid from the same crowd should drop soon info Here .. Its called Days Passed by Joe Ripley .
Also Thanks to "Another Skateboard Shop" in Brighton for taking some fresh Drawing Boards wood in ..


Bromley Spot Check ..

Spot Check on Bromley Banks is on Caughtinthecrossfire.com .. CLICK HERE MANG !! Nice one to Jacob for the words .. smacked it .. Big thanks to Zac at Crossfire for keeping the masses informed on a daily basis .. Here's some more pics from Bromley ...Shouts to the Bromley boyards !!


Happy Birthday Jerry ...

If you find him wondering the streets at an unearthly hour unable to remember his name please contact us ...


RIP Dojy Skate Shop

Drawing Boards would like to thank Dylan and Jon for all the support and help they have given us over the past few years ... Sadly Dojy skateshop has closed its doors so that they can concentrate on other things .. Dylan is going to concentrate his efforts on the kids books that he has been writing . Here's a pic from an "AD" Exhibition and the premier of Keep the Streets Clean they hosted for us a few years back ..Also a painting Dylan and I did together .. (Robot AD , background Dylan)..No doubt the Dojy name will crop back up in the future in some shape or form .. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish them well with the future and no doubt we'll link in Crystal Palace soon for a beer or 2 (or more haha)!!


Potts on Relentless tour ?

Potts found his way onto this edit .... Rad!!
More relentless Skateboarding >>


Darths in SLAM !!

Oz Drawing Board team rider Darth is in SLAM mag this month (Australia equivalent to Sidewalk) ... Check his front feeble down a twelve stair handrail ... What a beast !! As well as being on the front page of Slams website ... A little clip of him here ..


Bored of Southsea

Here's a clip that's been floating around on the web for a little while made by Bored of Southsea who are Jaks shop sponsor ... It features Drawing Boards very own Jak Tonge along with other sick Southsea heads at Fareham bowl ... Stoked on Jaks shop sponsor ... Keep up the good work ..