Wet Sussex Premier

Peeped the Wet Sussex Premier in Brighton t'other night ... Props to Liam for all his hard work ... Some sick sections for sure from Ranson , Wallace , Casey-Kight , Greenfield , Stenning , Gent , Chard , Smith and Teaguey ... Even Potter managed to squeeze half a section out despite fighting his debt problems in the process ... There where loads of other heads killing it too but you know what premiers are like , hard to take it all in haha ... Give us a shout if you want a copy ... Should have some in the next few weeks ... (Swiz double flip down the south Bank 7 anyone ?)Also another scene vid from the same crowd should drop soon info Here .. Its called Days Passed by Joe Ripley .
Also Thanks to "Another Skateboard Shop" in Brighton for taking some fresh Drawing Boards wood in ..