Ben Roberts

We got an email from Ozzy ripper Morgan Campbell (above) the other day .. Saying that his girlfriend had seen the Ben Roberts tribute decks in Kingpin this month ... and asking if we could send some out to Oz for his fiends and family ... Ben touched so many lives and is still managing to bring people together even now .... Nice one to Morgan for sorting this all out ... Also we received a piece of writing from his friend Danni bellow ...

I only knew Ben for a short time but we became very close. He always talked about all his friends in England and how much fun you all are and how much he missed you. He talked about Fairfield and Croydon, he had a Locals Only FM shirt which he wore heaps, and he finished nearly every sentence with 'innit' or 'summat'. He got me involved in the Tofieldsproject and we used to paste up fake records around the city in the wee hours of the morning. He even put me second in charge of the Oz division'...after him, of course' haha. He told me one day he would bring me over to meet everyone... I just want all his friends to know that they really meant everything to him. He told me heaps of stories and I'm pretty sure he thought about them every day.
R.I.P Ben .. Never forgotten ... Check his big Ozzy pop bellow ..


Potts tweaks it hard ...

Yeha .... Old Potts (Matt Hill) has landed a silky looking interview in Tweakerzine ... Click HERE to find out what his thoughts on facial tattoo's , being from Crawley and general hygiene are ... Go Pothead ...



A New page has been added to the Media Pages named SCRAPBOOK .... Which is where all the unconventional coverage , links , interviews , merch and other stuff goes , cause we couldn't find anywhere else to put it basically .. Layout and artwork is by AD and the programing by tech wizz Chadwon Song who has been a great help to us recently . Thanks mate ..

Expect this to get updated as new things occur .. To peep it click HERE ..

In other news .. Yes Marley ..


Yep thats right there is a Newcastle in Australia ..

Shred boarder Simon Lyddiard organizes a small scale king of the road over a weekend in Newcastle , Australia . Teams are brought together with a list of challenges and the weekend is ready to go. All in the name of fun and having a good time with your mates out on your board.
The most recent one saw 4 separate teams. Drawing Board rider Sylva's team "teamaduff" (named by fintan duff aka naked guy) won somehow.. haha
A clip of the fun should be up within the next few weeks .. watch this space ..

In the mean time here an uncharacteristic pic of Sylva doing a one foot down under ... The kid don't just do manuals haha


Ill Cartel

I'd been meaning to blog this ever since it came out ... Oh well , at least I got round to it ey ... This is the latest from our friend Carter ... Entitled "Get to Know" it's a MK scene video ... enjoy !!
Also we'd like to thank Carter for helping us find a place to sleep on the last night of our tour haha ........ Safe fam ..


Crowded Wall

ADs painting was finally laid to rest tonight .... Here's some pics of it in the closing stages .... Enjoy it before it get wrecked by flying skateboards haha ... AD would like to thank Stroudamus, Kieran and Josh for helping with the filling in and Lanyard for the photos ....
On to the next piece eh ......


Pooch is back ..

Pooch was skating tonight ... Like a wounded animal ... He was told to take it easy ... Which is abit like telling a shite it's not allowed to smell ... But seriously Pooch take it easy dude xx Here's a throwaway snap from Smay from our likkle tour this summer ..


Yappy Hew Near ...

Happy New year folks ...I been slacking on the blogs, but work has kinda taken over .... Only had 3 days off for the Christmas/New year period ... Been painting 30 life size characters based on the old fella above .... Watch out for pics when it's done ..

So what's poppin' in 09 ?
Well .... New improved urethane coming soon ....
Matt Hill interview is gonna drop ....
Also busy with the help of Chadwick working on a new page for the site which will document loads of stuff that isn't currently on the main webhole ......
Lots of other stuff too ... But why ruin the surprises eh !!?