Ben Roberts

We got an email from Ozzy ripper Morgan Campbell (above) the other day .. Saying that his girlfriend had seen the Ben Roberts tribute decks in Kingpin this month ... and asking if we could send some out to Oz for his fiends and family ... Ben touched so many lives and is still managing to bring people together even now .... Nice one to Morgan for sorting this all out ... Also we received a piece of writing from his friend Danni bellow ...

I only knew Ben for a short time but we became very close. He always talked about all his friends in England and how much fun you all are and how much he missed you. He talked about Fairfield and Croydon, he had a Locals Only FM shirt which he wore heaps, and he finished nearly every sentence with 'innit' or 'summat'. He got me involved in the Tofieldsproject and we used to paste up fake records around the city in the wee hours of the morning. He even put me second in charge of the Oz division'...after him, of course' haha. He told me one day he would bring me over to meet everyone... I just want all his friends to know that they really meant everything to him. He told me heaps of stories and I'm pretty sure he thought about them every day.
R.I.P Ben .. Never forgotten ... Check his big Ozzy pop bellow ..