Jerrys "Sick on the door and floor Tour" photos ..

A few days skating mixed with multiple vomiting ...
Tonge blunt transfer ..

Jak floats one onto the grass for a laff ....

Zak krooks during a line ...

Jak Feebs 270 out ..

Zak fakie tre all day (10 tricks on the way) This thing was way harder to skate than it looks ... So much fun ..

Zak bigspinflip the Velodrome ..

Jak Pole jamming
Tonge Boosts out the weirdness .. (A bit like Ginge did all over the car door not to mention Isaac all over the floor !!)
Jak 5.0s the white weirdness ..

Midnight ollie over the flowers ..
Big shouts to Ed , Jen and Indy for putting us up and Ginge and Ed for filming .... NBDs went down , But holding them back .... Dvd Hypemachine ...


Finn Howies photos of Isaac ..

Finn sent me some photos of this guy at you know where...
...Isaac Miller Melon fakie !!Frontside Mel !!Kickflip from hump to driveway .Finn also caught Isaac picking his nose at Fabrica.
Cheers for the photos .. Keep em coming mate ..
Also speaking of Fabrica Isaac takes enders in this little clip coutesy of Sam Roberts and Push ..



Ed Hubert put together this montage of some of Brightons finest .
The like dvd should drop some time this year so look out for it ....

Drawing Boards is pleased to be sponsoring this Dvd. Isaac Miller has a part in it along with some serious dudes such as Niall Birnie, Ollie Smith, Dan Emmerson, Jake Wisdom, Will Greenfield, Dyllan Vd Merwe, Louis Cooper, Tom Felix, Amir Williams, The Level Army and many more familiar faces from the south coast. So get hyped !!!


Croydon Skatepark

Yep that's right finally Croydon has a skatepark to be stoked on ... After years of campaigning writing emails going to meetings ect.
(Thanks to those who got involved you know who you are especially Peter Sageman!!) Seems like all the hard work is finally paying off .... Also movements happening with Fairfield too ... Holla Stroud if you want to be involved .. Big potential for Croydon ... Get on it !!


Get well soon Donny ..

Drawing Boards Oz TM Donny has gone under the knife . Get well soon !!
Speaking of Oz heres a likkle line courtesy of Ivan Vargas ..


Level comp on the 17th ...

Level comp on the 17th for all .... Here's some new Isaac Miller footage to get you all hyped for it !!

I was in abit of a rush filming this but it didn't really matter as Isaac just got straight to it ...... Bad man !!


Isaac at Fabrica.

The level is set to have a new mini ramp .... It was showcased in Fabrica yesterday ... Shouts to PUSH (go get yourself a Drawing Board) .. A good number of Brighton heads showed up and gave it a good seeing too .. Filmed a fair bit .. Going to give the footage to Liam to make an edit but for now here's Isaac doing a line ..


Jak n Zak attack the Level

Bit of footage filmed the other day by Liam Searle .. More from the Level later in the week ....


Pinch Punch Parrot

Quick trip down the hill to the Level provided you with this gem ... Cheers to Milly Mills for the use of her parrot !!