Oh no not again ...

Get well soon Jerry !!
Photo Lanners


Isaac Fresh Blood

Awww sheeeet ... Isaac Millers Fresh Blood is up on Crossfire ...

Go check it ... HERE !! .. Swiz ollie pic by from Rich West
With a bonus 2 clips ... Ones here .. 


Random Limpy

Found this of our boyo Joel lurking on the net ...


Medium Rare Official Promo

Starring Oz team members Flynn Bundy, Mikky Josephson, Darth,  Joel Wilshere and Ivan Vargas along with other Brissy rippers ..


Offline issues ..

Sorry we been offline ... 
Finally B.T have sorted it out and we are back online .... Here's Jaks Backlip to get you lot hyped !!!! 
Don't call it a comeback ... Gonna post plenty of newness next week ..... stay tuned !!!
Pic Teague



 Big influence on me growing up ..

Killing it for over 30 years !! RIP


Happenings Down Under ..

Drawing Boards Oz is on it ...

Heres footage from  a video in the making featuring some of the team ..Flynn Bundy, Mikky Josephson, Darth. Joel Wilshere and Ivan Vargas along with other Brissy rippers ...
And ... some footage of the boys here in a recent comp hosted by Drawing Boards ..
Pic by Jay Musk of Joel getting style points at Paddo .
Always good to see Donny and the boys getting on it .


Pinch Punch f1st of the munch ..

The reason Fairfield hasn't got much footage over recent years is because the floor is poop .. I found this throwaway line lurking on my computer when I realized it was the 1st of the month ..