Crimbo Jam

Drawing Boards is one of the sponsors for the upcoming Crossfire Christmas Jam ... No doubt it will be off the hook ....As usual we will be donating some decks as prizes ... So make sure your in the pit to fight off skate dads, random bums and other grommits to get ya hands on em .. Like these guys did last time ...

Natt , Potts and Jerry will all be repping and Poochie will be on drinking duties for the event ..

Oh yeah , if you gonna do ya Christmas list make sure you tell ya mum that your not feeling socks from Auntie Mavis this year and that a Drawing Board is all you ever wanted !!


ADlock ..

Resident Drawing Boards artist AD aka "That bearded kid with the dirty finger nails" has an interview up on the Crossfire site .... Click HERE to see wa'gwan .. Also the Art pages have been updated for your amusement ....


Fairfield Limited

Yep , these new Fairfield decks are about as limited edition as you can get .... and apparently fresher than a babies first breath .... So get ya feet on em before they filter out of existence ......
On the good news tip there has been a good surge of signatures on the petition thanks to Sidewalk and Blueprint putting links on there pages .... But we still need to keep the pressure on so get everyone you meet to sign it ... you know it makes sense ... also give an idea of what your after here ....



Just peeped the Bangers flyer ... It's got a photo dirty AD painting on it ... Stoked ... Bangers is every 2nd Sunday of the month ... So put ya gold teeth in and bop down there ... Nice one Sudz


Fairfield Survey right here ..

For those of you who signed the petition .... To make it as easy as possible you can click here for the Online survey ...... Please take the time to let us know what you want , so we can best represent you .... If you don't see what you want then there is a box that says other .... Thanks to Smay the photographic wizardry and young Steph for putting the survey up ...

Also on the good news front we have set up a meeting with George Sarkodie, Head of Sport and Spaces, and Ian Marshall, Head of Youth Services in Croydon . So hopefully we will have something positive to report back on ...... Stay tuned ..


Bean snacks abroad

Old B'nax has been in contact ... We even got a skate photo for ya ... The young webmaster has been travelling allround Asia with the missis and he's now in New Zealand ... Heres seven of his many observations ...
1) Melaka seemed to have a lot of Wee's, now this is obviously a common surname to a Malaysian born person but for someone with a childish sense of humour it's quite funny.
2) Tourists seemed to hire mopeds/scooters on thai islands but forget to see all the injuries that we're walking past them on the ferries to the islands. we met soo many people who had lost against the non-existent roads, it's not like nipping down to the local shop for a pint of leche, these roads required the skills of Valentino Rossi, Dougy Lampkin and Sam Gilbert to navigate the terrain...!
3) Some Cambodian logic that we may not have shared with you. I asked our driver why they don't have traffic lights at all the junctions as to a Westerner it seems like chaos (organised chaos to someone from cambodia) and he told us - If there are traffic lights, there are traffic jams...! And he was right, there were 4 sets of traffic lights in the place we were staying and each one had a traffic jam.
4) Everyday seems to be a Friday night or Saturday day, it is somewhat strange to think about the routine we were once in, this now feels right.
5) We came across a new breed of dog that we hadn't heard about - a Labradoodle.
6) Gecko's are called geckos because the sound they make is something like this - gee-koooooo, geeeeee-kooooooooooo
7) NZ is cold...!


New old news

James kept this NBD transfer on the downlow . The cheeky pooch won best trick at Guilford skate park comp three months ago ..... haha .. He was probably too busy continent jumping to bring it to our attention ....Pic by Simon Clark > Also this clip was floating around on the web (Not sure who by) James n Potts both have tricks on it .. I asked Pooch about the pool and he said "maybe 2ft tranny not sure , the only real way to get up it was to carve it ,it was filthy and had water seeping through the tiles on the wall in some places so every now n then you'd slide out n eat shit !! The coping wasn't technically grindable, when you hit it you'd either halt and go flying or it would literally spark and you'd make it. So each time you'd gamble on losing truck or skin .. it was fuggin' gnar cakes !!


Play dat ..

Drawing Board flow rider Baker not only kills it on mini ramp but is also a beat making machine . So if you're a rapper or know a rapper he is having a BEATS SALE as you read this ... find out more here .. In other music/skate related news Worthless , Chad Powers and Oliver Sudden have all been busy in the lab making new tracks to make ya ears hyped .... These guys all support skate related events so take the time to check em ...