Finn Howie one man I phone production !!

Isaac Millers trick count at the Level keeps moving ... Cheers to Finn Howie AKA Cloud 9 for the edit and beat ... Check it ..


6 foot bird flower ..

I had a a few hours between shifts so I painted this ...


SCOOTBboarding ??

Here's something that Ginge and Teague made for jokes ..

Here's a pic of flow man Teag before Internet fame hit and he threw it all away to take up the dreaded Scootboarding ...
Nose grind .. Photo Jerry


Pencil dancers ...

Got a few of these on the go ...Unfortunatly the screen got destroyed so they are very limited edition ....


Loch Ness ramp ..

I've created a monster ...
Now go kill the beast !!


Plans for the Level released ..


AD painted decks art exhibition !!

40 x Hand painted Drawing Boards decks for sale at The Marwood Coffee Shop ...
52 Ship Street , Brighton BN1 1AF ..
Prices range from £40 - £200 .. Go and get some one off artwork for your wall and help keep ADs baby in fresh nappies ... Or just go have a coffee and some cake and chill amongst it !


Elliots pinch punchline ..

Elliot doing his thing in Barca .. This one was abit too drawn out for his part ... But it would be rude not to share ..