Photo Frenzy

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New snaps up on the MEDIA page ya heard ... Cheers to Smay (who also took the sequence above), Chris Hart n Vost ....
Also much love goes out to Si "Bean snax" Bernacki who sets off round the word for six months .... Good luck dude and big thanks for all your help ... enjoy it ya lucky bar steward ....


Back on it ....

Sorry we haven't posted any new stuff for awhile ... I have been away with the kids for 8 days ..... While I was gone Lanyard took this rather amusing pic of Potters backside flip ....


Jerry "the treflip" Wilson

Young Jerry Dubs has tre fliped his way into the pages of Kingpin Magazine with minamle runup .... Cheers to the Mix Master Dom Marley and the College security (?) .. if you haven't signed this yet ..... http://petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3846 ..This is where it took place ...


Tweak on !!

The "Get the fugg outta my field" Tour is live on Tweakerzine.com ... Yehaaaa !!! Safe Gorm


Mad Flows

New flow pages are up !!!


More Hype

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Yeha that's right this Saturday Crossfire Jam at Meanwhile 2 ... We are donating some prizes so make sure ya get down there n claim em ... Check how nice the hip is yoof .. pic Smay .. Jerry nollie inward heels inbetween late nights out on the town ..


4 things about Brighton

1.Drawing Boards and wheels are stocked in Brighton ... Right opposite the Level skatepark on 23 Baker Street ... Cheers Bob ..
2.Our mate and video maker Teaguey has started a Brighton Blog to let all you mooley mooks know what popin' in the town of sea gulls and mushy peas ... http://goonsyndrome.blogspot.com/ .. jump on it ..
3.Here's a suspicious pic of Jerry , Potts n Killpatrick (he's from Brighton) vibeing ... First person who can guess the location wins a load of stickers ......
4.Make sure you get down to The Level skatepark on the 18th of August at 1pm if you wanna know whats going down with the redevelopment plans of this peice of Brightonian skate heritage .....