Ol' Creepy

Went to Crawley park today .. Stomping Ground of Potter, Trev Wedd and Pocket.... Sick park ... Pretty dusty , but isn't every outdoor park thats in a field ? .... Fortunatly the workmen lent us there broom ..
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These photos where taken in a few minites cause some chump didn't charge the batteries properly .. Quote of the day " I've had enough of pussying about "


Dork King !!

We went to check out Dorking skatepark today ....Turn left at the metal Cock .. If you go there our advice is to take a broom .... Nice little park though ...
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The picture 2nd from bottom is Jerry kickin himself because he did fakie noseslide and backtail but they both looked exactly the same in the photos .... Remember kids never skate on an empty stomach !!


Potter on Globe

Congrats to Harry who has picked up a shoe sponser in the form of Globe shoes ..... Well in big fella .... Now he just needs to get hooked up by Gaffa tape ( a roll a week if posssble).... have a word ...