Peir 7

To cut a long story short .. Peter and myself have been trying to do stuff for the local skate scene over the past 2 years ... At points it has been so frustrating with people nodding there heads and then nothing happening ... However finally we have got somewhere .... Si tipped us off on a new park being built in South Norwood .. Knowing the chances were that it would be another poorly designed metal skatepark we took the incentive to set up a meeting .. Sure enough the plans laid on the table where your typical council made metal park with no flow .... After a very successful meeting we where told that we could have input into the final choice of design , which turned out to be done by Wheelscape ... As you see below .... It is specifically very street orientated due to the fact there is allot of kids skating street in the area and with fairfield being so tatty these days this gives them another place to do it ...Thanks to Marley and Sam for attending the meeting with us ...Obviously there was quite a low budget on the park and people are going to moan whatever we do ... However this is just proof that if you want to change things you need to get involved !!! Thank you to Duncan Turner from the council for listening to us aswell .. ... More info on the opening day to follow ....


We Back ..

The tour went so good with all the boyards smashing it out hard ... This was our first international tour and I think it certainly bought the best out in the team ... Who all killed it ... We are even claiming an NBD at Starlin haha ..
Mad thanks from all of us to Martin for putting up with the madness and showing us loads of sick unseen spots ... Also big spuds to Neddy who filmed above and beyond the call of duty capturing well over 100 clips .... Also love goes out to Smay who is still in the hospital with a head concussion ... just spoke to him 5 mins ago and hopefully he'll be back early next week .. Smay took some bangin photos before he slammed hard on a late night hill bomb .... There will be a proper write up on the tour soon so I don't wanna give to much away .... Stay tuned yowf !!


Czech back in 9 days brew ..

Drawing Boards are off on Tour for 9 days to Prague ... WOOOOHAA!!
So here's 9 pics to keep you occupied (for 9 seconds haha) ..

1.Planet Fairfield by Jerry ..2.Jerry threads the needle for Smays lens ..3.On the other side of the wall ..4.Another pic by Smay from one of Potts comp runs ..
5.This fox has had way to much airtime .. Pic Jerry ..
6.Late night moves .. Pic Smay ..7.A random painting by AD ..Photobucket
8.Jerry took this photo of a fat man doing a one foot noseblunt .. 9. This last one is by Si of our mate Skiz who is off to live in Wales for 3 years ... Good luck mate .. Stay in touch boyo !!


Tweakers back

Tweakerzine.com is back ... And packed full of goodness ... Jaks got a backtail pic and a sick fronside rock in the most recent update ... Photos by Dave Turner .. So check it moyte ..


Praugeward bound ..

Ye youth ... Drawing Boards are off to Prauge next week to sample the fine beers , women and skateboarding the Czech capital has to offer .... So Potts make sure you pack that one t'shirt and plenty of gaffa tape ... pic Smay


AD mini art exhibit

Here's a pic from "AD mini art exhibit" at Skaterhams 10th Birthday .. This was in a rare moment when the table wasn't covered in pot noodle ..Click the pic for a better look ..
All paintings are for sale .... Make an offer !!


Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath (Not to be confused with Thorton Heath) have a newly equipped skate park ... They had a jam there the other day and was a sick day by all accounts .. Thanks to Ballyhoo for organising it .. Potter bagged some prizes for doing some of his monster like maneuvers such as big kickflip indys out of the 7 foot halfpipe ... Expect to see some more photos and footage from Haywards Heath in the not to distant future ..... Here's a start from Lanners ...


A small addition to the days events ...

Skaterham is 10

Potts is part of the Demo celebrating 10 years of Skaterham ... The clip below coulda been longer but it was abit of a rush in the end .. Still it's not the end of the world is it ..
For those who don't know Skaterham is a skate park in Caterham . Its actually situated inside a church and gets busy with some ridiculous skaters especially in the winter months .... It has come along way from it's roots in the old Army barracks , when it used to have ramps held together with gaffa tape .... It now boasts a seamless "street course" , vert ramp , mini ramp , giant roll in to jump box , 5foot spine mini as well as an outside area and much more ...
This Sunday Skaterham celebrates it's 10th Birthday .. Due to the hard work of the staff and volunteers that keep it running .... Thank Marilyn Payne , Jim Harmon and Darren Barnes for the countless amount of unpaid hours they have put in to make the project a success ...Happy Birthday !!Peace AD ..


Crawley footage

Courtesy of Sidewalk ... Nice to see the boyards getting coverage .. Check Jerrys monster treflip tailgrab sneaking in there ..
More crawley-skatepark Skateboarding >>