Czech back in 9 days brew ..

Drawing Boards are off on Tour for 9 days to Prague ... WOOOOHAA!!
So here's 9 pics to keep you occupied (for 9 seconds haha) ..

1.Planet Fairfield by Jerry ..2.Jerry threads the needle for Smays lens ..3.On the other side of the wall ..4.Another pic by Smay from one of Potts comp runs ..
5.This fox has had way to much airtime .. Pic Jerry ..
6.Late night moves .. Pic Smay ..7.A random painting by AD ..Photobucket
8.Jerry took this photo of a fat man doing a one foot noseblunt .. 9. This last one is by Si of our mate Skiz who is off to live in Wales for 3 years ... Good luck mate .. Stay in touch boyo !!