We Back ..

The tour went so good with all the boyards smashing it out hard ... This was our first international tour and I think it certainly bought the best out in the team ... Who all killed it ... We are even claiming an NBD at Starlin haha ..
Mad thanks from all of us to Martin for putting up with the madness and showing us loads of sick unseen spots ... Also big spuds to Neddy who filmed above and beyond the call of duty capturing well over 100 clips .... Also love goes out to Smay who is still in the hospital with a head concussion ... just spoke to him 5 mins ago and hopefully he'll be back early next week .. Smay took some bangin photos before he slammed hard on a late night hill bomb .... There will be a proper write up on the tour soon so I don't wanna give to much away .... Stay tuned yowf !!