Cybernak's back

Welcome back Beansnacks ....
We look forward to seeing some new Artfag pics mate ... seeing as you've been to 10 different countries .. Back to real life eh ... haha



War of the Roses takes place this weekend ... Make sure you get down there and enter/support alongside some of U.Ks finest and expect a strong Scottish contingent as well !! ... Drawing Boards very own Matt " Hairy Pottermouse" Hill (above)will be there reppin' ..... Saturday's event will be held at The Works in Leeds and the Sunday at Rampcity in Blackpool ... Thanks to Gorm for the pic of Pothole backside flipping blind bumps,steps and pavement gap all in one ... For more Giff's click here ...


Stocked ..

Unit 1 ... Rochester
Another skate shop .. Brighton
Street Talk ... Redhill
Dojy .... Crystal Pallace
Grip .... Cornwall
Non Stop .... Nottingham
Empire ..Corby
The Bear ... Caterham
Ballyhoo ... Haywards Heath
And various other shops are stocked up with decks ( if you want to know your closest outlet give us a shout) .... get on em ... also if your local shop dosn't stock Drawing Boards ... tell em to get in contact ...

Pic by Jayboy is of Nat gettin air at Unit 1 like he can ..


Snow ..... Man !!

To state the bloody obvious its been snowing abit ...... I'm sure this won't stop you lot ... Go n support your local skate park or get busy hittin up ya local car park ... Speaking of spots .... Pretty disappointed on the lack of people who have filled out the SURVEY on Fairfield .. Also don't forget to tell people to sign the PETITION as well ... come on fella ... Ya sittin infront of the puter bashing one out ... Do something useful our spot is hammered !!!!!! ..... If ya feel like helping the cause pop into the Croydon Visitor Center (Next to East Croydon Station) and ask if you can fill out a feedback card , write letters to the council ... whatever !!! .... People moan about there spot going yet they don't seem to wanna do anything about it ... Maybe the snows getting to me .. contributions/comments to this email savefairfields@yahoo.com
Thanks to Jerry for the pic ..