Next shit ..

Now in !!


A bit of Pork ...

Uckfield . The Level. Bay 66 . Skaterham .Snorwood and Shoreham get a seeing to by the Drawing Boards team and our pals ...... wurd ...


Fresh pork on the way ...

Coming next week .... Mabes !!


Update ya plate ..

Been working on a little pork edit lately ... It's pretty rammed so Isaac's run didn't quite make it in ... Peep Isaac bellow as he decides to take on abit of vert to wet ya whistle for the impending edit ...

Also been working on some of veez Elephant pencil stencils ...
Selling them to raise money for the company ...See them HERE and be sure to hollaif you want one ..There's 10 and we bashing em out at £10 so let us know if ya want one ..
Also a new stockest for Drawing Boards ..Support skater owned skater run ... CLICK HERE ..


"Staight outta Clot" on Sidewalk site

Little write up and some pics from our trip to Barca ..

Photos by Ranny words by AD ... Also this isn't the last you have seen and heard from this tour ... Few more gems in the pipeline ...


Jerrys back ...

Jerry's been out the game for ages ... What with mashing up his ankle and not being able to move his hand about due to an infamous bread cutting incident ... However he's back on the scene as this badly filmed clip shows .... Welcome back mate ..


Joel Lelliots button pushing

Joels been taking a fair few snaps lately ... Here's a few he just sent me ...
Potter gets greedy by doing 2 grinds instead the of the required one ..

Isaac demonstrates just how straight your leg should be during benihana fakies ..
Hyped on this .. Potter fakieflips in his neck of the woods ...
As well as taking these photos Joel has been skating sick lately .. Watch out for a skate park edit coming soon featuring him along with other friends and the Drawing Boards team ...


Bum flip ..

Just for a laff ...


The Boardroom

The Boardroom in dorking is now stocked ... Go show your support .. Gotta love skater owned shops !!


Smash Skates

Smash Skates is stocked up with Drawing Boards cause Ash knows whats good .. Support your local skater owned shops !!