Crossfire Halloween Jam ..

Our friends at Crossfire are holding their annual Halloween Jam this Saturday ... Click here for more info ..Jak has been invited to skate the mini ramp jam along with some of the country's finest ...Go and support these guys who support the industry on a daily basis !!


Worthless T's

The Worthless calabo T's that we designed have come out looking sick ...They are selling now in Slam City ... If you can't get down there get in contact ...


Yanks lock up your daughters !!

Potts is off to America for 2 months ... He's packed 5 vests , a couple of dog blankets , fresh Fallen shoes and a healthy stock of Drawing Boards ... Good luck big man .. Bring us back loads of footage ..
Also scuse the lack of photos from the tour .. We are saving them up for something or other init moyte ...


New .. Flying Pencil graphics ..

Bang one of these bad boys on ya early Christmas list .. In fact get 2 .. One for you to skate and one for the grandparents to hang on the wall .. Sick new shapes n sizes in there too .. Tell your local skate shop if their not stocking em they should give us a shout ....


Incase ya missed it ..

CZECH MY PUSS .. offcuts ..

More Skateboarding >>


Scene blud ..

Scene videos are dope ... Dudes killing it for the love of it ... That's what I'm talking about ...
First up "Wet Sussex" straight outta you guessed it West Sussex . Went to the premier of this and it didn't disappoint ... Some really solid sections . Plus you can tell it's creator Teagey has put his heart and soul into it .... If you want one holla "Another skate Shop" Here's the trailer ... Potts and Jerry both have tricks in there as well ..
Coming soon from Portsmouth and Southampton due to drop in December is the much anticipated 6;57 staring our very own Jak Tonge amongst others ... Don't worry he hasn't left for blueprint haha .. Just he was on em when this was made ... Expect to see some ridiculous skating from these guys .. Really looking forward to this one ....


Stay warm ..

New heavy weight zip hoods fresh in ....
These bad boys are gonna keep you nice and warm this winter and are endorsed by Mr Dibbles (star of "Czech my Puss"). Here are just some of the color combos that'll keep you from hibernating and keep you skating this year -->
Really pleased with the quality and the furry print on these hooded wonders ..
In other news .. New deck graphics are on the way and should drop next week ... A few new concaves and sizes will be available n all ...
Also in the next day or so a lil mini ramp edit from the "Czech my Puss" Tour ...
Enough hype ...
Go skate ..


Tonge in cheek photograph ...

Please don't take this too seriously haha


Matt Hardingham

The newest addition to the Australian Drawing Boards team has done us proud with this curvy tailblunt transfer in this months Slam magazine .. Yer bitches !!