Bromley ....

Been to Bromley banks a couple of times recently ... Doing a bit of the ol' filmin' with Jerry , Elliot and the Potman ... Hyped ...
Here's a pic courtesy of Smay (much appreciated) ..Expect to see more of his pics cropping up on web some point this week .. Also editing the footage for your jizz splattered puter screen soonish ..


Elliot Rowe on Drawing Wheels

Welcome Elliot ... Keep the madness coming .. Big L also got props on Crossfire HERE!!


Fairs Ltd run

Fairfield decks have been in demand for a while now ... Stocks are running low ... So we are glad to bring you this new Ltd Etd run in a minty green flavour .... If you signed the petition then check your inbox in the next week to see whats been going down ... Fairs for life sun !!


Art fag update

Fresh new photos up for all you art fags courtesy of Jerry and Si ......The one above was taken by Jerry .. We need to update more stuff on the site too ... so look out for new things cropping up on the ol' webslice


Mini mini

Heres that clip we promised ... Under the arches out of the rain ... with Jerry , Nodds and Jak Tonge .. Photos courtesy of Smay .. Fat man scoop on filmin' duties .... Also thanks to LCB for the use of your mini mini ...Or watch it on the bigger screen HERE!!


Jak at Nass

Thanks to Rob "6:57" Crawford for this footage of Jak at Nass ... The back D is pretty insane .... Bit short but then again he didn't turn up straight away as you will see haha. Bit short but then again he didn't turn up straight away as you will see haha..
More Skateboarding >>
Oh ye and Potts aired the Mega ramp with no hands ..


Skate all Day in Sidewalk

You may be wondering why we are blogging about having our newest deck "Skate all day" featured in Sidewalk mag ... The answer is simple ... we are well stoked on it ... Although some of our team have featured in the mag ,until now none of the products have ... This is a really good marketing tool for us to hit up the shops with ... If you stumbled across our company due to the mag and are into our products then tell ya local skate shop to give us a shout mate ....Nice one Sidewalk !!


Archie Gemmill

Yesterday we went to meet up with our friends Felix , Darryl and Becky at Mile End Skate Pork .. They are on the relentless tour ... Unfortunately we got there abit late due to everyone either getting lost and waking up late ... Anyways we had a minor shred before the heavens opened ... thankfully there was a miniature mini ramp under the arches next to the park ... Cheers LCB ... Here's some pics that Smay took that good day .... Watch out for the edit which should greet your pies some point next week famalam .......


NASS this weekend ....

2 of the Drawing Boards riders are repping at NASS ..Jak Tounge .. Photo Dave TurnerBig Potts Photo by Luke GartsideAlong with Nick (who rides for Drawing Boards wheels)..He will be taking on the Mega ramp !!!!!! Photo by Austino


More Creepy happenings ..

Drawing Boards are now available from Crawley skatepark ... So get down there n get one moyte xx Gotta love this pic of Poochie repping Crawley in Sidewalk magazine for an old Spot check ..


Creepy shenanigans

Went for abit of Creepy Crawley action t'other day with Jerry n Baker ... Here's some really bad filming of what went down before the battery died .... The James and Pots footage is from the vaults as they couldn't make it and I didn't wanna leave em out ... Sorry about the stinking angles gotta admit I was abit hammered by the end of the day when Adam and Jak showed up ... Anyways blah blah blah it is what it is ....