Originial Artwork for Sale

Resiident Drawing Boards artist AD will be selling his artwork throughout 08 ...... Most of the work on the art pages of the main website are up for grabs so keep your eye out for up coming sales .....
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"Ey up ma duck" Tour

Tweakerzine have done a little article on our fiveish day ghetto tour the "Ey up ma duck" Tour... In between hospital visits, losing set-ups and finding random places to sleep we did manage to get abit of skating done haha... Nice one to Lanners n Si for the pics...


High n dry

Lets face it ... Winter is a load of ol cobblers ....It's soaking wet n ya closest indoor park is closed .... Get ya self down to a car park n shred it yoot !!



Longtime friend of the family and owner of the gulliest hardflip in the game Boy Worthless has managed to get his music vid on rotation on mtv base mtv2 and channel u. Its out on raggotech records.... Props mate ... Peep his vid "The battle begins" .... the title track off his mixtape-album. its made by radical friend. The selection number on channel u is 711. Don't be scared kids !!


fresh fish fillet ..

RE/AL skate shop in Brighton is now stocking Drawing Boards ..
Thanks to Teaguey for hookin' that up aswell as putting together the lil Advert bellow .
drawing boards advert on videos.skateperception.com

If ya wanna see Koston smashing through walls the Brighton Lakai Premiere is showing on the 10th December 7.30 (18+ only) at Bar Illy just round the corner from RE/AL ..