Duck, more photos...

To continue the barrage of burning your retinas with visual stimuli... check some more photos from the Duck tour.


Photos by Si


Photos for your pies...

Click here to see some new photos of the boys:>> NEW PHOTOS <<
Big thanks to
Chris Lannaway

and Gorm ..



Many thanks to Dylan and Jon at Dojy for there continuing support of the Drawing Boards movement ..... They are freshly stocked with the latest Drawing Boards products .... There are now also some one off pieces of artwork by resident Drawing Boards artist AD for sale too .. So if ya in Crystal Palace make sure you drop by ..


Tweak it like Jerry !!

Check Jerry on Tweakerzine .... Just click the link bellow and it'll take you straight to his interview ...
Big ups to Jerry for murkin' the spots and many thanks to Gorm for capturing it !!
Go on our kid !!


Bloody Nora !!

The awaited release of UK brand Drawing Boards is coming to Australia next month. Original Graphics from uk artist AD released in oz in new styles. Skaters endorsing the decks will be Darth, Ivan Vargas, Mikky Josephson, Chris Baldwin and Jack Ward. A final team will be decided later this year.