Garms with Charms

New hoodies in ya face.. Drawing Boards have the newest Ltd Edt hoodies in the game yowt !! ... The prints nice n furry too ... Click here for a better look ...



Here's abit of footie from yesterday of Sylva chillin with his boyos Kieran and Shorty at the Slam skatepark . Sylva is the one in the grey T'shirt with the technical feet .. Stoked to have him reppin' Drawing Boards down under .. Clip by Jakey boy ... Enjoy !!


Wonks Unite

Drawing Boards artist AD has done a flyer for the upcoming Slam Party ... Our good friend The Mighty Cougar will be performing with his band Wonk Unit ... So dust off ya mohawk and studded leather jacket and get down there punk ..


Welome home shredbin !!

Jimmy James Thornton is back from Africa ... Despite escaping near death again the Pooch is back safe and sound ... Watch out for him steping back on his shred plank and throwing down some antics like this ........

Seq : Sam May



Ballyhoo in Haywards Heath is now stocked up with new Drawing Boards in all sizes to keep ya feet happy and productive ......
They got our wheels in too ... Along with a few cheeky T'shirts .... If ya in the area go n see Matt and say " Excuse me sir , may I purchase one of your fine Drawing Boards" ....

Then go shread the hell outta everything in sight !!!!

Hoodlums ..

New Drawing Boards merch will be in stock in the next week or 2 ....
Including Zip hoodies for all you ASBO kids ... And crew neck jumpers for all you stay at home and play board games with mummy types ... Fresh colorways too ...
Start savin' ya pennies ....



Today I saw something wack >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Basically if you haven't signed this yet you are a total mugg !!! http://petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3846 To add insult the floor is getting more cracked because they keep driving over the slabs .....
We will keep you updated with whats happening ..... Bone shank


Croydon What !!

That's right yoof ... New graphics are dropping faster than your average sluts knickers .... This one is a tribute to one of the best spots in the U.K .... Unfortunately over the last few years the spot has not been maintained . Drawing Boards is flying the flag in the "Save Fairfield" project which is geared towards finding solutions for sorting out this spot . We hope that this deck will help generate some interest and involvement in the project . Fairfield has definitely had a big impact in skateboarding in the U.K over the last 30 years when you look at the countless number of videos and magazines it features in .. On a lighter note the deck also features all the Fairfield essentials i.e A football , a six pack and the infamous one legged pigeon . This ones for Ben Roberts and all the Fairfield heads (way too many to mention you know who you are)


Cornish Pasty

Drawing Boards are now available in South West England .... Grip is an independent skate shop that supports the scene .. Just the kind of shop we like to stock our proddies in ... Thanks to Steve .. Keep up the good work ..