Croydon What !!

That's right yoof ... New graphics are dropping faster than your average sluts knickers .... This one is a tribute to one of the best spots in the U.K .... Unfortunately over the last few years the spot has not been maintained . Drawing Boards is flying the flag in the "Save Fairfield" project which is geared towards finding solutions for sorting out this spot . We hope that this deck will help generate some interest and involvement in the project . Fairfield has definitely had a big impact in skateboarding in the U.K over the last 30 years when you look at the countless number of videos and magazines it features in .. On a lighter note the deck also features all the Fairfield essentials i.e A football , a six pack and the infamous one legged pigeon . This ones for Ben Roberts and all the Fairfield heads (way too many to mention you know who you are)