Flames ..

www.tweakerzine.com to check out our boyard James gettin high on the fullpipe (not to be confused with the crackpipe) ..The Pooch is for life not just for Christmas ..

Pimpin' im ..

New car stickers have arrived .... just for a laff !! .... Chomp on this Timothy Westwood !!

Frontside or backside ?

Back on the web kids ... Heres them piccys of Potts making big gaps look small haha .... Photos by ADman ..
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Potter in Croydon !! Whatever next .....?


Computers eh !!

We got some photos over the weekend of ol Hairy Potts ... But the computer has decided to not accept USBs ... The minute we are up and running again we'll stick em up ..... Also to let ya know the new shapes are in stock and we also now have 8 inchers chillin' ... oww oww owt !!


There is no 'i' in 'team'...

A Team page has been created on the main web'ole. Check it out by clicking on the pic below...!


Movement in those ferns ....

We love our scene videos ...... Today Jerry was filmin for Teagueys "WET SUSSEX" vid which sounds like it's gonna be sick .... (Abit of Potter action in this one too woo woo ) here's the trailer .. Also on the set was resident Drawin Board Filmer Alex Toefield who was gettin busy filmin for the ever iminent FM video RECYCLE THIS ....... Which is currently in production featurin all your Fairfield Militia ..... Here's some farty pics of today by ADlock... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
> Make the most of the daylight brey haha..



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Finally managed to get out of Fairfield today .... across the road to the 50p building in the crispy air .... Jerry called the benihana police and terrorised the gap with a smooth treflip ... check the middle pic for proof haha..


Shadows of Autumn

There are some new stunt boarding pics on the main webhole, so get ya sen over there and check 'em owt. PHOTO PAGE