Petersfield gets Tonged !!

Went for a skate at the new skatepork in Petersfield yesterday with Jak Tonge ... Was pretty chiled affair .. as in I froze me bollocks off chilled !! hah .. anways get out there and skate .....


Bit of footage ...

Here's Ivan and Flynn skating coops from the other day ... Enjoy Also Liam's been brucking his knees up filming the boyards for the vid ... Not only is he good behind the camera .. He's pretty good in front of one too ... 10 at the goon yoot !!And a remix of Isaac footage too by Ed Hubert ... Brup ...Happy Monday ..


Cause it was there ..

Jak and Isaac came to Skaterham on Tuesday night .. Isaac was ready to leave but we managed to convince him to do the Tesco car park gap into the road ...He did it first go, so a kickflip was definitely in order ... 4 tries later he was off back to Brighton .. Job done .. Cheers to his pop for waiting .... Jerry took the photo and we got the footage too .. Schweeet !!


Another Tonge 10

Well it's the 10th day of the new year so I guess we better get on with it haha ..
Filmed this shis with Tonge at Crawley the other day in a reasonably short amount of time before the rain came ... Was a really chilled afternoon ..