Potaters ..

Yo I'm outta here .. Off to Marrocco for a week ... but if any shops want anything while I'm away just email me at the usual address and I'll send Jerry round to see ya ..... Hopefully I'll be bringing back photos of shops with odd sounding names and wack graffiti like the ones bellow (courtisy of Beansnacks)

Inabit ..



Went to Portsmouth the other day ... Was a good day (apart from Jerrys injury) .. Many thanks to Portsmouth Adam for showing us about ... Watch out for him , that kid is ridiculous ... Also props to all the other heads we met along the way ... Nice to see there scene is full of down to earth skaters .. We'll be back down there soon for sure .. For now here's a pic of Potts doing a meaty backsideflip at Emsworth .. Photo taken by Jerry with one foot in the air ..


Poor ol Jayrep

Jerry the kid of 1000 nicknames has twisted his ankle .. Young Jeramire Volkoff manages to pull off ankle snappers like the one above and walks away fresh as the day he was born but twisted his ankle messing aboot on a lil obstacle .. Remember kids play safe , injuries happen when ya not thinkin' straight .. Rest up fella , keep that ice on ....


Oz update ..

Things are going well Down Under .... The nostril deck (left) has just been released in new colors ..
Also Slam (Oz's premier skate mag) is featuring 2 of our decks in this months deck guide as well as our fist ever advert .. Owww Owww !!
The official team is now Mikky Josephson , Jack Ward , Darth , Ivan Vargas and Chris Baldwin .
And to top it all off we are happy to announce that Headfirst Distribution is now on board to help promote our company ...
Howdya like that possums ..


sketch pad

AD's sketchpad here .. Sorry the drawings soo old ... but don't worry we gonna update em more often now ... So you can see some newer stuff .. But to go with the old theme here's a photo that's really old too ... Pre broken leg steeze ... mmmmmm binjuice ..... In other news , still waiting on the new urethane to arrive ... Shoulda been here a month back but had beef with the bank ...



Potter takes time out from his debt problems to fullcab the big volcano ...
War of the Roses edit right here .... Si sent us this artfag shot of the man himself today ...
along with this one of Jerry (who learnt late 360 shuvs today) jammin' with one of his homies ...


Nothing but the Shire

Is a blog about the upcoming Oxford Scene / SS20 Video: Nothing But The Shire featuring: Tom Watts ,The Gimp , Jason Cloete , Scott Whitaker , James Kilpatrick , Tom Kilpatrick , Louis Cooper , James Loraine- Smith and Drawing Boards very own Matt (Harry Potter) Hill along with various members of the SS20 family.

The vid is currently in progress .. It's filmed and edited by SS20 Neddy .... Here's a lil taster featuring Potts bellow .. Nice to see abit of Pothead footage floatin aboot on the web .. Also check his blogage HERE !!