Issac Welcome clip !!

Sick to have Issac Miller repping Drawing Boards .. Check the official Welcome clip bellow .. Thanks to "Another skateboard shop" Brighton for hooking it up ... Filmed and edited by Ed Hubert


Art Deco pages ..

NEW decks HERE and HERE ..Scuse the lack of blog action .. Been away ..


Art deco ..

New Art Deco decks have arrived as if by magic !!Tell your local skate shop to get em in if they know what's good !! Grip and "Another" skate shop already stocked ..


Updates ..

Ey up ...
Here's Whats been cracking ...
Grip skate shop in Cornwall is now stocked with fresh Drawing Boards ... Go get one !! Along with Street Talk in Redhill .."Another Skateboard Shop in Brighton also stocked .. Speaking of Brighton I found this old footage of Issac lurking on the Internet ..
Happy belated Birthdays to Potter ,Alex n Ned too .. Opps ..
I know there's photos of these tricks already but Old Beansnacks sent me them for blogging purpose ...Also Cheers to Sidewalk for sticking 3 of our decks in there fine mag this month ..


Ivan Vargas Through Trial and Error Hype !!

Drawing Boards Ivan Vargas has been filming for Through Trial and Error .. As well as filming for the Drawing Boards DVD .. The dude is quite literally a footage machine .. I have heard a few whisperings about Ivans section .. Check his throwaways .... The video is coming out in October if you want one give us a shout .. Stay locked ..


Appy 21st Burfday Jerry

This kids 21 today ..Happy 21st ya little bitch xx From ya mates at Drawing Boards .. Here's 21 thrown together bits of old blurry footage of young Jerry himself .... Filmed by AD , Alex and Ned .. Photo from the Smay factory ..


55mm wheels reviewed on Crossfire

Nice review HERE on Caughtinthecrossfire . Who have just revamped there site . Take time to check it yoot !! Thanks to the support of independent people such as these our company is growing ..


Another Skateboard Shop

We are pleased to announce that Issac Miller is now on Drawing Boards flow through Stevie's "Another skateboard Shop" in Brighton .. He has a switch heel that could make even gods teeth curl ..
Full screen this one ..
The shop is stocked with the new graphics in loads of different sizes ..