Rainy day swiz tre ..

No skater in there right mind is a fan of a rainy day like today ... Still ... Heres 3 of Potts warming up and Tonge warming down ....Know it's on the short side but it was raining and I had em knocking about on the ol desk top , so why not eh ?


Handrails anyone ?

As there's a serious lack of post this month here's some handrail pics from the other day ..Man mountain Matt Hill's back on it with a frontlipage ..Tonge with a warm up 5.0 (look how much bigger the rail looks in this photo)Back lip from big Potts ..Jak got his balls out (not literally) and smashed out this Nosegrind ....
Props to the Brighton boyards who where also killing it ... All photos by Smay ..


Leaky Quiche Throwaways ..

Throwaway footage from the Leaky Quiche Tour.. expect the hammers to come later.. for now chill to this with a slice of quiche .Big thanks to everyone who made the tour happen ... Expect some Ranny photos of the hammers to crop up soon too ..


The Leaky Quiche Tour

The Leaky Quiche Tour is over ..... Throwaway Footage to be posted this week .. Keeping the hammers for the actual DVD mind you .. coming out urmmm .. at some point ... but theres a few gems in the throwaways so check back on the ol' blog ...


Chan & Miller

All's well at the Drawing Boards ... Isaac's been killing it ... Here's some footage of him smashing it out at the level one afternoon with his mate Chan ...Filmed by Nathan Cowdry