Peir Sevs ..

Been filming here .... Here's a lil throwaway ..

Edit on the way with Drawing Boards heads Jerry , Elliot and friends ..


Mid week News ..

Here's some pics Si just sent me of the new Mansfield park which he has been heavily involved in ..In other Notts News unfortunately the Broadmarsh Banks are no more .. Bone !!
In London News Marley exhibition at Slam is launched on Friday .. So get down there to view some gems from the lion of Norwoods lens ..Guess I better put abit of skating in this too ... Potts backside fliping the 4ft spine .. Filmed by Nick Hayman awhile back ..Also rumours of a new one of these ....


7 Drawing Boards featured in here ...


Haywards Heath (not Thorton Heath)

Check Lanyards pics of old Pothead at Haywards Heath HERE !!! Nice one to Zac at Crossfire for hooking us up with this ... Thanks to Matt from Ballyhoo for them words too .... Here's a bit of your favourite tattoo ridden metal bar stared skating the park ...


Tranny Tonge

More Tonge .... From Bored of Southsea ... This shop supports the scene , so support them ..

BoredRuffCutTransition2008-2009 from tommccaughan on Vimeo.


Skeg Vegas

Went to the Mini Ramp Championships at Skeg ... Good laff with Adam n Jak .... Here's some of Jak in the comp ... Once again filmin ain't to tidy ... but its for the blog right ... Shouts to Darryl who skated like a beast ... Big Props to Nowick who bagged himself 1st place proving that age ain't no ting but a chicken wing ...


Another Pothead update

Today's footage comes all the way from the U.S of A ... Potts is saving all his street footie for our project so don't expect to see that ... Here's a park Edit that Potter and his good mate Joel have put together ... Well done fellas !! .. Enjoy
More Skateboarding >>


Bored of Southsea

Here's some Ruff cuts from Jaks shop sponsor Bored ... Jak is a footage machine with a scum tash ....

BoredRuffCuts2008-2009 from tommccaughan on Vimeo.



Woke up this morning and this pic of Mikky was in the inbox all the way from Oz ... Technology eh !!


Metaling Barsteward Update ..

Potts is officially in the U.S of A ... Living on these ...And living with these ...The metaling clint sent more photos but I'm not feeling having a "parental block" on the ol' blog ... Good stuff big man .. Send us some skate pics haha


Hoodies available online ..

Free Postage and Packing ... Mr Dibbs says CLICK HERE and get warm ..


'Orrid weather

Hope you all had a good Halloween ... Unfortunately something came up and we couldn't make it to the Crossfire Jam ... But for all of you who did no doubt you had a good one ... Thought I'd post this pic from the tour ....
Drawing Boards skateboards
Basically no one else will publish it ... Not cause it's not a good trick mind you ... 3rd try late shuv over a 10 foot gap at Stalin is sick in any ones book ... This photo was taken taken by some old dude while the real cameraman was in hospital .. Hence the framing being all wrong to your average art fag .. Jerry also did another one 2 tries later which was stupidly good thanks to Ned playing the old "I missed it" card .. But you'll have to wait for the footage ... Blah , blah .. Updates HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE ... Now stop moaning about the weather go find an undercover carpark/skatepark and go skate ...