Lurking for a murking !!

Found this lurking ..Isaac Miller is another Level .


Sneak peak ..

Photos from the "Straight outta Clot" Tour to drop soon ....
For now here's Smays photo of Jerry getting a glimpse of things to come ...

Also sprayed some of these ...

See them all HERE ...


Tonge front feebs

Rich West just sent me this photo ..I like it very much !!
Also twigged we had filmed 10 x 10 tricks .. Any excuse to do a lil edito really .. peep em all here .. http://www.youtube.com/theDRAWINGBOARDS


Isaac gets straight to it ..

Was kinda freakin as I only had 20 mins to film this from when Isaac arrived from the beach .. He did this 10 tricks in under that , which meant Teagey got his camera back in time to catch his bus !! Excuse the dirty fish , literally pulled the camera out and Isaac started laying it down ..In other news still holding out on Barca bits so stay tuned ..


The Same Difference

This just popped up on my internet radar .... Some offcuts from 6;57 with a healthy splattering of our boy Jak Tonge ... Filmed by Rob Crawford who makes the dope edits !!


RIP Trolley Bar Rail !!

To ya average Joe Shmoe it was a devise for trolley storage .. But for those who skated it , it was a pathway to daily accomplishment ... Feeble kickflip out from Jaks First Light ..Lets get out there and find new spots this summer people !!!