Crossfire Jam

http://www.caughtinthecrossfire.com/skate/word/6958 ... Checked out Meanwhile today ... The new "street" section is sick ... Super smooth floor ... It seems like they have made it very skate friendly .. Nothing is ridiculously gnarly it's more of a "chilled" affair ... Mellow hip and ya don't have to be Stevie Williams to pop onto the block too .... Drawing Boards gives the spot 2 thumbs up out of 2 ..... Don't forget the Jam coming up ... http://www.caughtinthecrossfire.com/skate/word/6866 .... see the blog bellow .....


Meanwhile under the bridge

Drawing Boards is amped to be invited as one of the companies sponsoring the Caught in the Crossfire Meanwhile 2 gap jam .... The event is at Royal Oak in London on August 16th.... You know it's gonna go off !!! .. Meanwhile 2 has undergone some serious changes and is lookin' "fresh like baby breath !!"


Yes Potts

Potts has been abit busy on the old comp scene ...The tattooed bohemian came 2nd in the Horsham comp and bagged himself the highest ollie prize ... As well as winning best trick on the pier 7 block at the Oxford Go skate day (sponsored by SS20) .. Here's a pic of his warm up trick from the tour (comin' soon on Tweaker) ....


Hyped !!

So stoked on Jerrys Shine On ... General homeslice and D.B team rider Jerry Wilson has landed himself in Kingpin with a monster of a nosebonk ... Click the image and read the artical or even better go buy the mag haha .... Picture taken by the lion of Norwood Dom Marley himself .... Proof that the young Wilson can do anything he sets his mind to ......


Limited edition

Yup that's right .... The new simplified nostril graphics have dropped .... If ya wanna know where to get hold of these limited puppies give us a shout !!! Click the image to get a better gander boyard !!


Board of the month !!?

Yeha ... Drawing Boards have got a review in Kingpin alongside some of the big hitters in the industry (Flip , Workshop etc). Although the review is kind of confusing (because they didn't change the writing from last months issue), our contacts in France tell us we got deck of the month over there... Cheers.


Big Thanks to Robin at Non Stop.. Nottingham's O.G skate shop has been there for over 15 years and we are hyped they are now stocking Drawing Boards (in fact between us and you they have the last "Drawing Boy" graphics we are ever going to sell in the shops), so all you Notts heads searching for Drawing Boards now know where to get 'em. Also check the footage of some of their team (and friends of the DB family) below:



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeha ... Were back from the tour ... Jerry , Potts , James and Baker all summoned there inner beasts and pulled hammers out the bag despite lack of sleep , hang overs and sleeping in northern fields .... Props to Smay and Si for takin snaps and Nick Hayman and AD for filmin' .. James probably summed it up best when he said "This is what it's all about !!" even after we had been searching for a field to sleep in for well over an hour .. Pics will be knockin about on the web soon ... Nothing like a good nature poo ....(photo Smay)