10 from 2010

2010 is pretty much done and dusted .. It's been a good year for us here at Drawing Boards for so many reasons ... Bellow are 10 of em ..
1. We welcomed Isaac Miller to the team .. Brightons finest pop machine ..
2. Leaky Quiche Tour went off .. Here's the bits that wont make the DVD ..
3. Dropped some new shit ..
4.Ivan Vargas and the Oz boys held it down ..Abit of mag coverage down under too wooop !!
5. Injuries included ..
Black eyes ..Hip fetuses ..And mash up ankles ..Well they say bad things happen in 3's so hopefully thats all that out the way ..
6.Czech my puss dropped in Sidewalk Mag ..
7.Elliot filmed 2 x 10 tricks ..
8.Jak also filmed 2 x 10 tricks ..
9.Isaac also Smashed it by coming 8th in the UK Championships aswell as getting his first bit of mag coverage in Sidewalk ...Yes Zac !!
10.Indie Paris Tonge was born at 5.40 On the 6th of Jan ...
Weighing in at 9.5lb ... He was definitely the highlight of 2010 .. Bring on 2011 !!


Isaac is unstopable ....

Warm up kickflip for Isaac .. You'll have to wait to see what else he popped ..


Merry Christmas ...


Isaac First Light !!

Hells yeah .. Our boyard Isaac Miller gets his First Light in Sidewalk this month ... One word for the tricks on display ..... OOOOOOOFFFFFFFF !!180 up swiz back heel down .. 5th go .. wooop !!Isaac frontside flip .. Both photos by Ranny Ranson .. Yes Zac !!!!


RIP Captain Beefheart

Sadly Captain Beefheart (Named by Frank Zapper) aged 69 died from complications of multiple sclerosis on Friday... Thanks for the music x Fast and Bulbous x


Save Bay !!

They are trying to shut Bay 66 down to make way for a garden center and offices ... Bay is one of the only lit and supervised skate parks in the London and needs to be kept ... It has a strong history and has developed some serious rippers over the years as well as hosting the finest international skaters and putting on loads of events for the kids ... Don't let this park go ..Show your support and sign HERE !!Tonge 180 swiznosegrind revs .. Photo by Smay ..


Bone Glitch Fest

Crossfire went off .. Filmed all day .. Was stoked on the footage of Jak and Isaac ... Then when I went to watch it back and there was a massive glitchy line through the middle of all the footage !!! ... Wank !! ... So sorry folks , no edit this year ... All that we have to show for the day is Isaac chilling doing this frontside nollie by Marley ...Still its not all bad , a load of Drawing Boards got chucked out and the kids got hyped !!


Crossfire tomorow !!

Jak Tonge this time last year .. Photo Marley ..
Speaking of Jak Tonge .. anyone see this on the berrics ?In other news .. got some of these crowded decks back in stock due to popular demand .. 8.1 , 8.25 and 8. 5 are back in stock ..Good things are in the plan folks so stay tuned ..


Hoodlums !!

Stay warm ....
Available in Irish Green , Maroon , Purple , Dark choclate and Black .. Cheers to Sam for freezin' his trigger finger off to take the pics ..


Mini Interview

Mini interview with AD on Goon Syndrome .. Featuring the 2 dudes bellow having a little chat about Drawing Boards influences , direction and team ..Photo by Jerry .. Teaguey is always busy making little edits as well as full videos so make sure you keep checking back to see whats cracking at the Goon !! http://goonsyndrome.blogspot.com/


Snow ..

Jerry Back tweaker at Snorwood by Marley