Vote Marley

Check out this photo that Marley took (1 of 4)... He's entered the the Profoto lighting competition so keep the Croydon dream alive and vote for him HERE ..

Marley also sent us this sequence of Jak Ting Tonge repping hard ..

Nice one Marley !!


From the Archives

Weathers been a pair of old pants ..
So we delved into the archives to bring you this from the first day of our "Get outta my field" tour in 08 .. EnjoyThanks to Nick Hayman for putting it together ....


6:57 YOUnited Nations

This just popped up on my "recommended" youtube videos ... So hyped on it .. Proper into WU at the moment as well ... Indie Tuck knee Tonges dad Jak has a sick sprinkling of tricks in there too ... If you haven't ordered your 6:57 yet get on it here .. Good work Rob , steady killin' it man !!


The Mighty Cougar

The Mighty Cougar still shreds all the time .. He's not one of these musicians who "used" to skate ... He tours around the world with his band Wonk Unit but still plays small venues in Croydon and all round the country .. Although I have seen his band before until yesterday I had never witnessed his one man show .. I gotta say it was straight up piss ya pants hilarious .. Look out for him in a town near you .. Gotta stick a skate photo in right !!!


Websites back up !!!

After 3 weeks of being down 121 have pulled there finger out their tight little ring and we are back online ... Updates are immanent so stay tight ... We managed to update the scrap book just before it went down .. So peep it HERE


Indie Paris Tonge

Indie Paris Tonge was born at 5.40 On the 6th of Jan ...Weighing in at 9.5lb ... Many Congrats to Jak and Jen ... Big Daddy Jak said it was the happiest day of his life .. Well stoked for him and his family ...
In the absence of a photo I have turned Jak into a baby ...Please don't freak out !!


Blog urge ....

Snow eh ....
I the absence of the website I thought I'd blog this ..
The first ever deck I painted was a totem pole .. seemed like the most obvious thing to do .... This is a more recent version based on this one ... Maybe a graphic in the future ? .. let us know .....Poochie and Tonge footage here with an added big Dave cheer ....


Happy New Year !!

Pic Jerry ... Hope ya had a good one !!!!!
Also congrats to Jezbury and family .....