Flames was born ready !!

James "Poochie" Thornton has been preparing for the tour by doing loads of skating . Shreading in the coldness of Swizerland then in the heat of Bilbao. Check his photos bellow and get ready for the onslaught ...


Keyring/Bottle Openers

Drawing Board keyring/bottle openers anyone? Now there's no need to chip ya teeth chowing down on the lid of your favourite beverage .. These bad boys are on sale in your local pub (well Croydons Oval Tavern at least) for all your take out road beers ... Remember don't drink n skate unless your name begins in Lee or ends in Skinner ..



RIP Mikey Dread but the legend shines on in this addictive web app. Click on the lion above then pick the records out the box and get mixing...!


The "Get off my land" Tour

1 week today Drawing Boards is taking to the road .. This time we gonna be hittin' up Saffron Waldon , Nottingham , Manchester , Leeds and M.K .
So there will be plenty of sleeping in random fields , not washing and rockin' the same pants for 5 days straight , friends , fires , beers , photos , VXifacation , mini bus shenanigans , northen accents , random socks everywhere , morning breath , petrol stations , discruntaled farmers , good times and skateboarding taking place .. almost sounds like a plan eh !!?


New arty farty pics ..

Check the media page of the main web site and click onto the 'artfag' section for some visual stimulants from Bernacki's collection of strange cameras ... Hint: it's the small camera at the bottom in the middle.



Nostrilitus update !!

Thanks to Crossfire for bringing the new decks to the attention of the masses ....
http://www.caughtinthecrossfire.com/skate/word/6620 ... Pretty much all sizes are available so if you wanna know your closest stockiest get in contact ... Also if your local skate shop ain't stockin' Drawing Boards .... Let em know whats good !! haha

Harry hook up

Drawing Boards tallest most tattooed team member has got Darkstar wheels to add his extensive list of hook ups ...Don't worry kids he's still on the Drawing Boards .. Check Lanyards snap of him krookin' in a downwards motion ...

Bring on the gaffatape sponsor !!? ... haha ....


Save Fairfield Campaign

Just to let you know the "Save Fairfield" campaign is doing well ... It is featured in the CVA magazine ...The article may look abit cheesy but it definitely helps the cause as this magazine goes to the top bods who work for the council .. It's also distributed all around Croydon which will make the general public aware of our plight and hopefully we'll get more signatures on the petition .... http://petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=3846 ... If you haven't signed it yet jump on it !!

Thanks Smay for the photo ..
It also states that the contractors will be able to work together with the skaters to make the area skate friendly .... Which is basically what we want ..... Expect updates as things start to take more shape ......


Bakers on Flow

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Welcome Baker to the Drawing Boards family.
He'll be killing your local skate spot dead soon with both guns blazing . So lock up ya daughters Natt is ready to blow up this year ...wooha


Nostrilitus !!!

New graphics up in ya grill sun ... haha ...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This one was born out of the frustration of injury .... The actions pictured on this graphic should not be copied .... Even under adult supervision .