Poor ol' Pooch

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Pooch has had shoulder surgery .... So he won't be skating until next year .... We wish him a speedy recovery .... For now here's a bit of boneless action from Smays giff collection ..


Merch Entice

Variety is the spice of life so there's a choice of ....
"Get ya neek on" in the new jumpers ...
Or "Get ya thug on" in the new hoodies ..


Fresh paint ..

Rumour has it there's a load of new paintings waiting to splatter themselves across the tinterweb in the next week or two ... Here's a lil taster ... This ones called "Monkeybear" by AD ..


Tweaker Freaker

Tweaker is having an exhibition entitled "Tweaker Freaker" from Thursday 16th Oct through to 16th November at Slam City Skates, Neals Yard Opening is on Thursday 16th at 6pm .There is more than likely going to be pics of the Drawing Boards mafia in the exhibition . So make sure don ya best art fag wear and go check it .... www.tweakerfreaker.com
More than happy to pimp on the ol' blogpipe ...


Cheers Sidewalk

Many Thanks to Sidewalk for letting the masses know about the Fairfield cause ..
Suppose we better put up a classic Fairfield related skate photo too .... Jerry Wilson kickflipin' at Fairfield .. Photo courtesy of resident Croydonian tweaker Gorm ..
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make a difference !!!


Stone the bloody crows ..

Heres some footage of Ivan .. This is stuff thats not making onto the vid ....

Hyped to have the dude repping down under along with Chris , Darth , Damian , Mikky and Sylva


Scene seen ..

It's Drawing Boards duty to let the kids know whats good in underground happenings .....

First up .. DAYS PAST ..
Filmed and edited by Joe Ripley ..
A scene vid outta small villages in west sussex .. Filmed all over locally and not so locally too .
Days Past features .. Liam Teague, Joe Ripley, Matt chard and Will Greenfield and other Sussex heads ..
Heres the tailer ..

Next up ... GET TO KNOW
Filmed and edited by by Carter Hewlitt ..
It's gonna be available to download for FREE on from Dec 28 ..
Sections from Carter Hewlett, Sean Smith, Jay Bancroft, Troy Wilding, Paul Norris, John Doe and bare mk heads. Aswell a footy of some big hitters in the scene
A few of the Elder Gate Crew are off to Barce next week to 'man up' and get there last bits.... Trailer here ..
Also watch out for the 3min promo dropping at the end of oct...

I wanna do more of this kind of thing on the old blogage so stay tuned ..