Fresh shizzle

Now you can look "more bling than a chicken wing" in these fresh new Drawing Boards T's .... They come in different colors too ..... You'll leterally have the ladies cumming in there pants if you wear one down the pub !!


Ever the weather ..

The weathers shite ... the websites down ....VX has gone tits up ... but heres a fresh painting from AD .. click the image for a better look ....


Good clean fun !!

Good to see peeps makin vids .. Nick Hayman has put together a lil Surrey teaser for ya ... also featuring some of ya favourate skaterhan yocals .... Watch out for ar kid poochies wooly mamoth ..
Also Teagueys been filmin for the wank bank.. we'll keep ya updated ..
And Chad n Coatman put this together ..
http://team-space. co. uk/videos/late07early081Mbps_Stream. mov
We've known em since they where pups and they have supported us all the way so many thanks ... Enjoy !!


Camden Town

We fought our way through girls with red dreadlocks and 1000 hole doc martin boots and blokes in technicolor combat trousers with long flowing leather jackets to get to Camden skatepark today .... Well worth it .... the floor is sick .....Not to mention the MAN bowl .. were gonna have to start rating these parks when we go to them ..urm camden gets a 7.99 ... get me


Drawing Boards mate !!

It feels like I just drank water from a live dragon ..
Drawing Boards have hit the sand land of oz !!!
Woooo Haaaaa !! Stickin it hard on the barbee mate !!
The "thought" decks (pictured left) will be available in stores next month (signitures not included).
The oz co flow team are currently shredding around town on these fresh new planks .
Keep your eyes out for the next Slam (Australia's premier skate mag) for a review of the decks.
Yeah boi