Jaks Fresh Blood ...

Jak Tonge has a fresh blood article on caughtinthecrossfire this week .... Click HERE!!Also a little clip of ol' Dimitri himself ..


9 of the best from 09

Before I start ... The website is down .... Hopefully it will be back up in the next 24 hours ......
09 has been a really good year for Drawing Boards ... Many thanks to all the people who have supported us and helped us over the past year , as well as the independent shops who have backed us ... Also a big cheers to Tweaker , Crossfire , Kingpin and Sidewalk for the coverage ..
Thought we'd lay down 9 of the best images from 09 for ya ...

1.Potter got gnarly this year with a article on Tweaker as well as winning the Crawley comp .. And having it up in America .. (He also did some madness on tour .. hype , hype)
2.Was well stoked to see Darth getting coverage in Slam mag over in Oz ...

3.Speaking of Oz Matt Hardey was a welcome addition to the team in 09 ..

4.Over here there was more additions ... In the form of Elliot(pictured),Felix and Nick holding it down for the wheels team ..
5.Also stoked to have Jak Tonge aboard .. Who racked up coverage in Sidewalk , Crossfire and Tweaker this year .. Jak is on it !!
6.Can't forget ol Jerry who's been working hard this year but has still been a constant flow of inspiration . Junx steezed a Fresh Blood on Crossfire along with lots of footage style points ..
7.Although recent News , it's a big step for us to be included in the Sidewalk buyers guide amongst the biggest names in the industry .. This year has been a really productive one for new decks and merch .. Including .. Pencil Head decks , Crowded series decks , Flying pencils decks and Hoodies , Skate all Day decks , limited edition Fairs decks , loads of new stickers , New wheels , Worthless T'shirts ect ect blah blah ...
8.Pooch missed most of 09 with a shoulder injury .. He is amped and back .. Get ready ...
9.The "Czech my Puss" Tour was a massive success .. Thanks definitely need to go out to Martin for this ... I know we haven't really leaked any footage or photos from the tour , but we will so stay tuned ... Also loads of thanks to Smay for taking so many pics this year along with Lanners , Josh , Gorm , Lex , Austino , Jerry , Ranny and Marley who have all contributed to help spread the word with there Photos .. Baker Bot 4000 kills it ... Also spuds to Neddy and Toe for helping film .. And as always cheers to Si for all the input .. Charlie as well ... Also Congrats to Rob and Teaugey for putting out scene vids over the last 12 months .... Also happy we have been involved in the building of 2 skateparks this year , hopefully we can do more stuff like that next year aswell .... Mate, I better stop now otherwise I'm gonna get carried away ... Basically another year down ......... Lets av it next year !!
One AD ..


Ivan in Carnes

Here's abit of random footage from a few days in Carnes featuring Ivan and his mate Tj .. You'll also be pleased to know Ivans face made a full recovery.And in other news this guy is back ...


Ho Ho Ho

Had to post this .....In case ya missed it off your list you can still get hold of 6;57 HERE .. as well as reading the article on Tweaker HERE ..


Ells out ..

Drawing Boards wheel team rider Big L is off round the world .. Jerry has often said he looks at the world upside down so now is his opportunity ... haha .. I only hope there ready for him ... Have fun and look after yourself fella .. Also look out for an edit from South Norwood with Elliot taking the enders ....


Wesite down !!!

Ahh man the websites down .... So you'll have to make do with the ol' blog ... Xmas Crossfire article went up today with Jak getting 2 sick photos in the feature .. CLICK HERE !!Both Photos by Dom Marley


The Flying Pooch

Flow Team member and general motivator Pooch has been laying low for sometime after his shoulder surgery .. Really stoked to see him coming back and gong big .. Many thanks to Austino for sending this pic in of him bonelessing over Jaks front tail ... Gonna be putting a lil winter edit together so watch out for this amongst the footage .. Yeaow


Croydon and surrounding areas news ...

Get Involved in the making of skate parks in the Croydon area ... Here's where you can vote for the park you think needs money pumped into it .... http://www.croydononline.org/parkstobeproudof/5.htm We have been involved in the making of South Norwood Rec and will be involved in the remake of Wandle Park as well ... So stop taking pics of yourself and putting them on facebook .. Instead make yourselves heard and vote now !!! Heres Jerry enjoying a big concrete skatepark by grabbing his tail with glee after performing his tradeflip .... Photo by Smajor Smay


Crossfire Crimbo

Crossfire Jam went down ... Well done again Zac and crew for all the hard work getting it together ... We were stoked to be involved in sponsoring this event ... Make sure you keep checking www.caughtinthecrossfire.com to see whats popping .... Here's a little edit of Jak from the day ...Oh yeah .. He's 21 today so if you see him either give him a present or whack him in the arm 21 times ... up to you x


Jak is all over Tweaker

New Tweakerzine out now .... So hyped on the amount of coverage Jak has got !!! 6 Pages of pure Tonge ... Big props to RANNY who took all the photos in the article .. VIEW IT HERE !!!
Jak also crops up HERE and HERE .. Gorm you smashed it out again !!


Sidewalk Buyers Guide

Forgot to post this from the Sidewalk Buyers Guide 2010 ..Many thanks to Sidewalk Magazine for the support .

6:57 Incoming

The highly anticipated 6:57 Premiere this Thursday December 10th. Will be going off at Little Johnny Russells, Southsea . Rob Crawfords creation features some of the finest up and coming skateboard talent from Portsmouth and Southampton . Staring Adam Keys, Curtis Jarman, Joe Paget and Drawing Boards very own Jak Tonge among a host of others . Personally well hyped on this and you should be too if you know whats good ..



I've been drawing these characters for about 10 years now .. On T'shirts , stickers . badges , walls and canvases ... And now in 3 limited runs of deck ... Click the image to get a more detailed look .. Let your local skate shop know if you want one ...


When I painted this deck a while back it got a really good response ... Peoplists asked if we were gonna make it into a deck ... Enough people asked so it became a reality ... We also have this limited edition one too ...


Incoming for December .....

Next Sat (5th) Bear Stuff Sale ...The following week (12th) Annual Crossfire Christmas Jam ... MORE INFO HERE