Over in sand land ....

This sequence of our boi in Oz Ivan cropped up on the interschweb courtesy of James Liao ... BOOM BOOM !!


Did this today ...

Old stuff turned new !!



Ed just sent me this ....

Featuring Niall Birnie, Ollie Smith, Isaac Miller, Dan Emmerson, Jake Wisdom, Will Greenfield, Dyllan Vd Merwe, Louis Cooper, Tom Felix, Amir Williams, The Level Army and many more familiar faces from the south coast.
A Brighton UK skateboard video by Ed Hubert. Out August 2012. Premiering at the Duke of Yorks Cinema, Brighton.


Rain stopped play today

But not for this guy ....


Our mate Micky ...


Blogs been abit quiet ..

Mainly because DB HQ is moving and we been trying to make it look sell able instead of like this ...But don't worry we are still filming for the DVDizzel... Here's a little proof ...
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Also some of the boyards we sponsor over in Oz are in a feature film called Alien Sons ... Madness .. Abit more Tonge hype for good measure ...Inner bits ..


Black Thong

Well the "Black Thong" mini tour went off !! With Jak taking the MVP position getting footage at every spot we went too !!Here's his warm up nose grind on the pink ... You'll have to wait for the DVD to see what really went down .. Photo by Mr Jerry Wilson esquire .


Pinch punch first trick of the month ..

Stomp on this September !!