Skate all day ..

That's right summer is here and it's time to Skate all day ... We wanted the colors to be stupidly bright and they have come out exactly how we wanted ... Unfortunately Drawing Boards does not have distribution ... So we basically distribute ourselves ... If you want one of our decks ask your local skate shop to get in contact HERE and we will take it from there ... Now get off the computer and go Skate all day ..


Can I 'ava' sticker ?

Everyone loves stickers ... Use these to Pencil/animal stickers drawn by AD to brighten up your otherwise dull looking fridge , cupboard , skateboard , school books , diary , helmet , cat ect ect ...


Ben Roberts Memorial BBQ

Today friends of Ben Roberts gathered at Fairfield to pay homage to a true legend .. Ghetto burgers where the meal of choice along with a skate and some football ... Nice one to everyone who showed up (see the bait photo above) this is now an annual thing so if you couldn't make it for whatever reason see you next year .. R.I.P Ben .. Never forgotten xx


Contact details have changed ...

Was getting to many "Increase your girth" emails so we had to change the address click HERE to get in contact ... Also look out for the full range of animal/pencil stickers set to drop next week ..


Welcome Jak Tonge

More Skateboarding >>

So Hyped on Jak being on the team ... Looks like Sidewalk are too they managed to put it on there main page before us haha .. Also thanks to Crossfire for pimping it too ..
Jak is currently filming his section for the 6:57 video filmed and edited by Rob Crawford ..
Portsmouth rep-ra-sent-a-zent ..


Potts in Oxford ..

More Skateboarding >>

Bit of Potts action here nicked off IMPORA posted by The Source skateshop .. Good to see Hastings and Zorlac back from injuries too ...

Stay tuned for Neddys full edit of the Oxford Mini Ramp Jam ...

Also thanks to Crossfire for the plug ..


New Team member !!

Isit ?

Forget Koston leaving Lakai Hype ... Thats yesterdays news haha ..
Drawing Boards has a new team rider .......
Stay tuned ..


52's and 54's

Team to be announced ...
Pics by Jerry


Stop the Data State

If you're skating in London and you're filming or taking pictures this might come in handy.
A few of my friends have been stopped by the Police, questioned about what/why they are taking photos and then their names have been taken. If you get stopped by the Police and they tell you that it's under the Section 44 of the Anti-terrorism act, you DO NOT have to give them your name, show them this instead...!
Download this and print it out. Keep a copy on you at all times in London if you're filming/taking photos.Unfortunatly this happened to Jayrepputation last yearish before we were aware of our rights ..


For our friends in Oz

We are stoked that Drawing Boards features in Slam skateboard magazines 2009 deck guide ... Click HERE and you could win aload of decks including a Drawing Board ..


One Punch ..

Drawing Boards artist AD has done new graphics for BOY WORTHLESS ..Heres an old skate pic of him before he was on MTV Base hah


Mini Ramp Jam

On Saturday there's a mini ramp jam in Oxford hosted by SS20 ... Get yourself down and support it ...... Plenty of prizes and give aways from SS20 who are not only old Potheads shop sponsor a but are dope bunch of geezers too . Fun in the sun on this one for sure ... All the info you need to be found here ... www.owp.org.uk/

Back on the set kid ..

Got back today and new wheels were waiting ... Stoked on em .. Urethane is much better quality than the last ones .... We got 52s and 54s in stock .... Will do a proper blog on them as soon as I get a chance to scratch my bum .... But for now ... You want em .. We got em ... Arrrr Yeah ..
As usual a break from the normal lifestyle has provided inspiration so gonna get down to some new designs .....