Skaterham is 10

Potts is part of the Demo celebrating 10 years of Skaterham ... The clip below coulda been longer but it was abit of a rush in the end .. Still it's not the end of the world is it ..
For those who don't know Skaterham is a skate park in Caterham . Its actually situated inside a church and gets busy with some ridiculous skaters especially in the winter months .... It has come along way from it's roots in the old Army barracks , when it used to have ramps held together with gaffa tape .... It now boasts a seamless "street course" , vert ramp , mini ramp , giant roll in to jump box , 5foot spine mini as well as an outside area and much more ...
This Sunday Skaterham celebrates it's 10th Birthday .. Due to the hard work of the staff and volunteers that keep it running .... Thank Marilyn Payne , Jim Harmon and Darren Barnes for the countless amount of unpaid hours they have put in to make the project a success ...Happy Birthday !!Peace AD ..